Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My blessing. Also known as Kendall Johnson.

My dearest love,
Do not worry for He is with you. Do not be in fear or trembling for He holds you. Do not be jittery but of sound mind and yielding heart for He has stitched His Spirit to yours. Do not fret for he has anointed your tongue with his power and grace. Breanne, you have an amazing journey ahead of you. We see it as long though God knows no time. I am speaking this foundation over you so that you may be rooted in Him and only Him. Know, my love, that throughout this time I will be deeply connected and right there with you by the power of our Lord Jesus. In you highest peaks I will rejoice with you and praise God with you for the blessing He has given you. Also, in your lowest points know that through Him I will be there interceding for you and breaking the stronghold of the enemy. I ask to be warned if you are in danger so that I might cry out to Him for you and surely He will come running.

my dear,
I love you
Never forget
I always will.

(kendall wrote me this when I traveled to N. Africa this summer. It was the first letter of 10. I never tire of reading the words that Father revealed to kendall for me)
As I've said in previous posts, long distance isn't any fun but knowing this is the man God has for me and I will soon be his wife makes me smile from ear to ear. This is a special letter dear to my heart, but I wanted to share it with you because it encourages me and maybe it will encourage you that Father wants to use you in His kingdom to do supernatural and powerful things. I never want to lose this. Some things have been going on in life lately, so just say a prayer for me and my family too, it would mean so much.

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