Friday, November 5, 2010


Love my Hannah!

Here's how today went down...

For weeks I've known that my mom was coming to visit me in Denton, which I've been looking forward to. My whole family was supposed to come, but my brother got sick and the rest of the family is busy, blahblahblah. Anyway, my mom had to go to waco first before coming to Denton because my aunt was in from D.C.. I was sitting in arabic class when I got the wonderful idea to drive to Waco. I have not gotten to spend some good quality time with my mom in SO long. I really can't even remember the last time. I've really been missing her and longing for that intimate time with my mom. I missed her so much, that after Arabic I packed my bags and headed to Waco to see her before she could even get to denton. This weekend I get to spend time with my momma and I can't wait to love on her! We've both lost a good amount of weight so tomorrow we're going to shop for jeans. I'm so proud of her, she's lost almost 30 lbs and is looking good!

I also have a few close friends who go to baylor too that I would be able to see. Tonight I'm spending the night with one of my best friends and bridesmaid Hannah! We've been friends since elementary school and have been through so much together. We've known each other the majority of our lives and we're still friends. It makes me happy. :) I love spending time with her and catching up on our lives. We don't have much time to do that anymore.

I also got to catch up with another one of my friends whose name is also Hannah. I met her in green school at super summer. It's been so long, but we grabbed some coffee at CommonGrounds and had a wonderful conversation, just about life. It felt like we didn't skip a beat and I enjoyed every second of it. We had a drink called Pumpkin Patch lattes. It is pumpkin spice and chai. Delicious!

I hope everyone has a fall-tastic weekend.


  1. oh my gosh that drink sounds amazing! love pumpkin and chai.. never would have thought about putting them together!!

    Mommy time is always amazing! I am going to see my mom this weekend too! Have fun :]

  2. :) hope you had fun with your momma! I know i did. She always spoils me. haha.

    Jupiter House has the chai lattes w/ pumpkin spice, definitely should go try it.


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