Friday, December 17, 2010

home free&playing catch up

Melody came from Austin this weekend to
visit me and Hannah in Denton!
love my soulsisters!

I am done with this semester! Praise the Lord! Finals are done and over with. Thankfully my body waited until after it was over to get sick.
Fall semester has been fun, but I'm always ready for a break from school. I cannot wait to be home tomorrow! I get to see my Kendall in person-no more iChat dates! My heart is smiling.
Even though it is a break from school, I'm going to be super busy over break.

My stay at home will only be for a two short weeks and it is going to be filled with:

1. wedding planning - I haven't done anything since summer, yikes.
2. planning/raising support for our trip to Peru/Colombia/Brazil (more to come on this soon)
3. catching up with friends from home
4. hanging out with the family
5. starting our gift registry -fun!
6. hopefully getting some creative juices out
7. more engagement pictures with will france
8. sending out save the dates

(in no particular order)

hopefully i can fit it all in before I have to be back in Denton. I have to come back early because I finally have a job! Such an answered prayer and Father blessed me with such an awesome job. No surprise there. He always does more than I expect. I work for a company called SoccerTots. It is a child development program that works on motor development by using soccer skills. As of right now I only have 6 classes of my own, but it will build up once next session starts. Let's just say, the pay is pretty great, more than I ever thought I would make being a college student. I coach 2, 3, and 4 year old classes. It is pretty tough. Toddlers can be crazy sometimes but i love each and every one of those kids! Last saturday, one of the parents told me I had the patience of Job (the kids were being really bad). I felt so flattered! Even though I can have endless amounts of patience with those kids I'm pretty impatient when it comes to waiting for my wedding date. ;)

I will be posting a blog later over some things Father has been teaching me lately, but this will do for now.

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