Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Review-Hello 2011 Part I

My internet at my parent's house is just awful. I've tried and tried to post the past couple days but I've had no success. I really wanted to post about 2010 in 2010, but the first of the new year will have to do. I didn't start really blogging until september, so I wanted to do a little recap in pictures. I'll try to make it short so that means I won't be able to go into much detail.

We'll start off with February 2010:
I experienced my first snowfall in Denton! Class was canceled and the days were spent sledding, snowball fights, and building a 13 foot snowman.

Kendall came to visit me in Denton for the first time. He sure did surprise me that weekend because he asked me to MARRY him! (feb. 27) One of the best days of my life to be sure.

March was filled with engagement excitement and parties. We had one with family in friends in my hometown. The missionaries I worked with in Peru just happened to be in the states and surprised me!

I also got to go to New York City for the first time! I worked with West Africans in Harlem sharing the Word of God on CD in their native languages. I even got my african name: Umu Jabbi. New York lived up to every expectation I had. I also shared the experience with 75 people from my college group, there was never a dull moment.

Kendall and I had our engagement party in Denton. It was such a sweet experience thanks to the girls at the Napa Valley House.

April was another great month. I started hanging out with this girl named Hannah in my African Dance class (she was also in my home group for church). Little did I know that she was that best friend I had been praying for since I moved to college. We were sort of forced to become close as we went on tour with the african percussion ensemble. We were thrown into a 15-passenger van with drums loaded in the back, 5 Ghanians and 5 UNT students. We made our way to Illinois and Kentucky for a week where we performed at several different locations.

I also coached my first soccer team.

May finished off my first year of college. Hannah helped me move back to Port Neches and stayed with me for two weeks. We took her to Galveston for her birthday and threw her a party with a bunch of people she didn't know at the time, but I know she had a great birthday and now has some good friends in southeast texas.

Brosco, my dog of 14 years passed away. He was part of the family and always will be.

I started June at Super Summer where it was my first time to be a Team Leader! I was a Blue School leader and had the honor off leading alongside Rachel Young, a beautiful, Godly woman from Arkansas. We had a group of 12 eighth grade boys and girls who love the Lord and want to see big things happen in their homes, towns, and schools. I will forever love those kiddos and pray for them often, they have such big hearts for the Lord and we became really close that week.

Shortly after I left for my North Africa trip with iGo Global. It was one of the most challenging, growing, eventful, fun, learning experiences. I met some wonderful people who have become some of my closest friends. They have huge hearts for the nations, just like I do. We started off in Holland where we went through some intense training that I will most likely never forget. Oh, and I got to watch the world cup where people actually care. Holland ended up making it to the finals too.

I also got to see the Kujawa's whom I haven't seen since I was in middle school. Ashley and I grew up together and they now live in Holland.

We then went to our assigned country and spent a lot of time prayer walking around our city. There was 5 girls on my team, including myself. Most of the time we didn't have a translator, so us 5 girls were kind of on our own. We still met a few friends and were able to love on them as much as we could in such a short amount of time.

In July I returned home after being gone for about 5 weeks. Kendall had gone to Colombia while I was gone and didn't return until a few days after I had gotten back. I had gone 40 days without seeing his face or hearing his voice with just a few emails in between. I will never do that again, Lord-willing. However, being reunited was one of the sweetest moments. I surprised him at the Houston airport with a huge hug and some tears.

Well this is longer than I thought and I don't want to bore you, so I'll do Part II tomorrow...

Until then, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)


  1. i am envious of your year, dear. so many great things. i hope this next one brings you even more splendid things, though i already know it will. God bless!

  2. you are so precious. I'm glad you had a fantastic year and may the Lord bless you and keep you in 2011!

  3. Dear babey,

    I truly enjoyed this recap of your year! I am glad to see photos as I am not as much a part of it as I'd like to be!
    Your spirit is glorious and radiates the love of the Father!! The Lord has radically changed my life this past semester and I am so much more appreciative of those whose lives exemplify the love of the nations and the TRUE and fulfilling understanding of God's grace and his love for his people.
    I love you and wish you only the best.!!!
    Thanks for encouraging me through the way you live your life. I love you



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