Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 review-hello 2011 Part II

Well, let's finish off the review of an exciting 2010, in pictures of course.
I will say that the second half of the year, was a little less eventful than the first half, but still memorable.

In August I went back to school and moved into the Purple Palace with some amazing girls. Kari and Lindsey are their names. Oh, and I can't leave out our fourth roommate who doesn't pay rent-Hannah. haha. Hannah and I painted my room from purple to a light yellow and sea foam green color, I had so much fun putting my room together. I don't have a picture of the completed room, I'll work on that.

Kendall and Thomas also got to make a visit to come see me. We (including hannah) had such a fun weekend together doing denton-y things.

Oh! and I got to see Phil Wickham in concert! I just love his music.

September wasn't terribly eventful. Kendall and Thomas got to visit again though! Trust me, in the past it was very rare that kendall ever got a day off. I'm so thankful for his visits. Kendall and I got to go on a date together by ourselves which is something doesn't happen often.

A lot happened in October though. I had the opportunity to reunite with several people I went to N. Africa with this summer. Elliott, Elizabeth, and Kristin traveled to Denton and from there I drove us to Oklahoma Baptist University to meet up with Neal, Danielle and Sean. We had a blast catching up with each other and hanging out for the first time in america. We met new friends too, like Ashlyn. :) We must do this again soon.
Unfortunately, on the way home from our little adventure, I got my first ticket. :/
Kendall's niece Penelope graced us with her presence on Oct. 22 and his other niece Juliette joined the family on Oct. 28.

In August I got this crazy idea to train for a half marathon and my amazingly awesome friends Melissa and Michelle decided they were crazy too and wanted to join in. So, On Oct. 24 I ran the furthest I have ever ran in the Houston Half. I had a blast and felt so accomplished. I'd love to do another one.

In November I got to see President George W. Bush speak at UNT with my good friend Steven. It was really neat to hear him speak in person, he was pretty humorous and talked about the importance of praying for the leaders of our country.

This semester I got to lead a house church and spent some lovely time in the word and in fellowship with these girls.

Other than that-I just spent time with these amazing people during the semester, hanging out, getting to know each other better, loving the Lord and loving His people:

Goodbye 2010.
You were very good to me.
Hello 2011.
I'm excited to see what you
bring me this year.
I know one thing, I'm marrying my best friend
and I couldn't be happier.

p.s. I love you all. :)

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