Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Lately, life has been crazy but Father has blessed us more than we could have ever asked. Praise you Lord for your providence and faithfulness. I just want to take a moment to give all the glory to Him. There is no way we did this on our own.

Are you wondering what that might be??

We got a house! A very nice retro vintage house at that.

Here are some previews of our little house we get to live in after we get back from Peru in August! Eek! Excitement! I can't wait to add our own touches to it, but I also want to keep the vintage feel. We will also have a huge backyard and a patio. Dog in our future? Maybe. Also, I can't wait to have people over for dinner and fellowship. :)

Technically, it isn't our house, we aren't buying and we aren't renting-- Like I've said, we've been blessed. We are hoping to move in the near future and don't know when that could be, so we don't want to tie ourselves down anywhere. Which brings me to other news:

I am transferring to Lamar University after this semester and moving back to southeast texas. It has taken a lot for me to be okay with that, but I've learned the blessings that come with submitting to God's plan and His will, not my own. Details aren't quite worked out school wise, but it is officially happening! We feel that is really where we need to be right now, but it is temporary. I am really going to miss Denton and all the friends I made here. :(

More updates coming soon! :)

Coffee with the Kendall while home for Spring Break.

Also, Wedding Website is finally here!!
Still under construction, but available since Invitations finally went out this week!


check it out.

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