Monday, March 7, 2011

Shedding For the Wedding-1

I've been wanting to do this post for a while, but can never let myself because I've been embarrassed.
Today is different- I will let myself post on this.

We'll start with the surgery. At the end of my senior year (april) I basically blew out my ankle. I tore most of the ligaments in my ankle and fractured the end of my shin bone. Long story short, I couldn't do anything for about 9 months. I had surgery in July and spent my time until December recovering. End Result: 25 pounds of weight gain. err.

So, Here is a picture of me at my biggest....

gross, why didn't anyone tell me I gained a lot of weight? I was about 164 lbs. :/ well, I guess no one wanted to offend me, but thankfully I knew I needed to get back into shape again and lose that surgery weight.

It has been a slow and steady process.
I trained for the Half Marathon and lost about 12 pounds doing that, putting me around 152 lbs.

I really, really want to look good for my wedding and I don't want to regret not losing weight for it. However, working out on my own by doing work outs on the elliptical, stationary weight lifting, etc. just wasn't cutting it for me. I needed something more intense...more hardcore if you will. I'd say I'm naturally athletic and I really like to push myself. I'm a pretty competitive person. I needed someone to push me and plan workouts for me. Someone to kick my booty into high gear and lose weight fast.

This led me to CrossFit. The most amazing work out program EVER and also the most intense work outs I've done since off season soccer. ha.

I started CrossFit on Feb. 16 and started at 152 lbs. It is March 7 and I now weigh 144 lbs. (that puts me at a total of 20 lbs lost since November 2009! and 8 lbs in 3 weeks) I know the weight loss has been slow, but it has taken a lot to discipline myself. I've also lost 2 jean sizes.

CrossFit not only focuses on the physical aspect of getting into shape but also the nutrition. I basically eat from these 3 groups Fat, Carbs, and Protein coming from fruits, veggies, nuts, and lean meats. NO grains and NO sweets. :( :( I really like food so this has been tough, but I'm doing it!
A normal day of eating looks like this: Breakfast- 2 eggs, protein shake, and a piece of fruit. Through out the day I will snack on a little bit of fruit, almonds, sunflower seeds, and drink lots of water. I don't really get hungry until 4 or 5 on this meal plan, so I kind of skip lunch. For dinner I usually eat a salad and add different fruits and veggies to mix it up. I also eat chicken breast with it. It sounds like this eating plan would leave you feeling hungry, but I am full all the time! Not to mention I have more energy than I've had in about two years. I really feel great!

So Here are comparative pictures from week 1 (pink) and week 3 (purple). I will post more later on the workouts we do. I have been sore pretty much every day since I've started. It is really annoying, but worth it. I can already tell a huge difference in the way my body is functioning. My goal weigh is about 130. That would be nice. I have to be realistic. I'm have an athletic build so I doubt I'll ever be stick thin.
i feel like you can definitely tell from the side, not so much from the front but maybe i just need a better picture.

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  1. Wow Breanne, you look amazing!! Awww you just gave me more motivation to get leaner. So I checked out the link to crossfit. Do you do that at home, or does a gym near you have this intense work out?


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