Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wedding Update-Invitations and hair piece.

Wedding planning is really picking up. I've been working on all those little details that really mean something to Kendall and myself. Overall, I've been really busy with school and work so I haven't found much time to do the things I want to, but I'm trying oh, so hard. I am also trying to balance time spending my last few weeks with my wonderful friends in Denton!

I finally got invitations sent out a couple weeks ago and wanted to share what I did.

Wedding Invitations:

I created my own invitations because I could not find what I exactly wanted. I wanted a tree to be on it, but I wanted it to be water color esque. I didn't exactly have time to sit down and create it so I asked my lovely friend Ashlyn Basinger to have the honor. This girl did an AMAZING job. I am so thankful for her. She is SO talented and is now my pen pal. :) Even though our friendship has been short I have been blessed by her heart and the encouragement she gives me.

I told her I would document the opening of her package the illustration was sent in. I've been waiting to post it until invitations were sent out, so here they are! :)

So excited for my package!
A sweet note from Ashlyn.
Admiring her work

And now....
The TREE! :) So beautiful. Didn't she do a good job?

I took the painting to a local print shop. They were able to scan the photo, add the wording, and then scale it to fit mailing size. We saved a couple hundred dollars by doing the invitations ourselves. Not to mention, they were exactly how I wanted them. I picked out textured paper and the type of font I wanted and voila! You have our invitations! :)
sorry for the bad quality. :/

Now on to my hairpiece. I was not planning on wearing a hair piece for the wedding, BUT I entered a giveaway over at 100layercake.com/blog and I won! I couldn't believe it, but I won a custom made hair piece. The beautiful creation came from Mignonne Handmade. You can visit there Etsy shop here and her blog here. Jenn, the owner and designer, is about to have a baby so she will be closing down shop for a while but it wouldn't hurt to still check our her shop and amazing creativity, would it? :) I would post a picture, but I'll be saving that as a surprise for the wedding day. Let me just say, it is absolutely perfect and i am in love with it!

I also recently got the new iPhone which allows me to see my wonderful Fiancé's face even though he is miles away. Which is why I'll leave you with this. :)

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