Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello Again.

Brace yourselves...this is a long catch up post, but there are pictures at the end. :)

Wow. It has been quite a while since I've posted, I mean really posted. Forgive me, life has been crazy but won't it always be that way? Honestly, I've had the time to post but I haven't really known what to say or what to put on here. These past three weeks I think my brain has taken a vacation. Maybe wedding planning drained me of ideas and motivation. There was so many questions asked--do you want this? what do you think about this? what is happening at this time? etc. And at the same time I am/was trying to figure out what being a wife REALLY means. I have even found it hard to carry on a conversation with people because my brain still feels so scattered. yikes.

OH, now I remember why I feel this way. At the beginning of April I started having research papers due, presentations once a week, and throw in a few bridal showers. Then, May begins and that means finals week and it also means making a six hour move while finishing up plans for a wedding. The week before the wedding i was getting 4 hours of sleep a night trying to finish up everything because I like to take on everything at the last minute. ;)

The Wedding came and went as did the honeymoon (more on these two later), then we spent the last weekend of May taking part in two weddings with a husband who contracted a parasite in Mexico and was violently ill the whole time. My heart hurt seeing him so sick. The past two weeks I've just been adjusting to living with someone, trying to catch up on sleep, and you know..being a new wife. I have been sleeping A LOT but I've also been fighting off a minor cold or something; I just haven't been 100%. Kendall works until six everyday and my days are spent cleaning up around the house and then coming to my parents house because I hate sitting at the house by myself.
Maybe I needed this down time considering we are leaving THURSDAY for Peru and will be there for two months. It is going to be a busy, exhausting, amazing, beautiful trip. I can't wait and my heart is ready to be at home. I desire to see God's name glorified in all nations of the earth and I am looking forward to this opportunity to serve with my husband for the first time overseas. My heart is leaping with joy. You can read more about my heart on missions here.

I will save some more updates for tomorrow and hopefully share my heart more instead of just surface-y stuff. For now, I will end with some pictures from the lens of my iPhone.

Riviera Maya, Mexico
Miss it already.

The wedding of Brett and Brandi Gilpatrick

Kendall at the Carl-Riu wedding.
Even being as sick as he was he still looked good.

The wedding of Tim and Mattie Riu

Wedding present galore! --more on these lovely shoes.
They deserve their own post. :)

Lunch dates with Kendall are my favorite

Baby Brother (Brady) graduating. lost in a sea of purple.

My first meal I cooked for Mr. Johnson. :)

The new Fuzzy's Taco Shop. My favorite, next to chickfila of course.

My new chacos! I can't wait to try these things our in La Amazonas!

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That is all for today.
Hope everyone has an awesome monday!

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