Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We are here in Peru! Update V.1

We arrived last friday (June 17) in Iquitos, Peru.
We made it safe and sound-with all of our luggage. Praise the Lord!

We departed from Houston and landed in Lima around 10:30 Thursday evening. We then had to wait until 3a.m. to check into our Iquitos flight at six. We tried to make ourselves comfy on the cold hard floor, but that was nearly impossible considering we had to keep an eye on our bags at all times. We tried to take turns sleeping, but I was mostly the one doing the sleeping.

Tired and exhausted, we finally made it to the Bostics. We love this sweet family more than words can say and we are more than grateful that they have opened their home to us. They have been teaching us so much about missionary life.

I though about doing a "What I am loving" post, but truth is I love everything about it here.
Instead I'll do a three "L" post. What I am Loving, What I am Learning, and What I am living."

I am Loving....

--living with the Bostic Family in their beautiful "american" home in the jungle city.
--seeing my husband's heart to serve; no questions asked.
--heart to hearts with Jen.
--having some time to read.
--teaching their son John school even though it gets frustrating at times.
--the Tikuna Indian girls that are living at the Bostic's and attending the Bible School.
--going to the Bible school to teach english and guitar.
--doing hospital ministry with the Bible Students.
--being here longer than 10 days.
--sharing my testimony with Ginae (one of the girls living here) and listening to hers while hand washing clothes at night. It was crazy how similar our testimonies were even though she's lived in the jungle her whole life in an Indian tribe and I've lived in the states. It is a treasured moment to me.

I am Learning...
--how to cook from scratch. So far I've learned how to make bread, fried chicken, oatmeal, french toast, cake, and frosting. It sounds simple but being here in the jungle makes things a bit a lot more difficult to make something so simple. I didn't know how to make much upon arrival.
--about all the things my husband can do and how much stuff he managed to pack...
--spanish...sort of. ;)
--to live simply.
--how to ride a motorcycle! So much fun! I fell off once with Kendall on the back.
--that I REALLY want to live this life full-time...soon.
--how to get around Iquitos.
--sugar ants never go away...
--about Peruvian culture and life here. For instance, they really do not know how you get pregnant. They think it is by chance, which results in many young girls (not women, girls) getting pregnant because they do not put the two together... :(

I am living...
--in the amazon.
--in a private room and bath housing on the side of Adam and Jen's house with my husband.(praise the Lord ;) )
--to see salvation brought to these people.
--to know what God's will is for us here.
--to see God's glory here.

Saturday we are leaving for about two weeks to go deep into the jungle. We will be going to some Indian tribes (the girl's tribes) and doing a youth conference. To take this trip we will be taking a "launcha" for 3 days. This is basically a huge boat that carries many people down the Amazon River. It is pretty much open and everyone sleeps on the deck on their hammocks. Kendall and I are so excited for this adventure. Ginae told us that upon arrival that her people might paint our bodies and that we may see them do some of their tribal dancing. They may also give us frogs to eat and if they do to accept it with happiness....I thought to myself....

I've lived to do something like this.

Please pray for us and our time here that we will live to serve Father whole heartily. Pray we learn to love His people even better so we can love Him better. Pray we stay in His will and that the people we are about to visit will be blessed and not hurt from our visit. He is doing amazing things here and we want to serve alongside the Bostic's and help their ministry here.

Breanne and Kendall Johnson

p.s. internet is VERY limited and I can't really post pictures. I will try later but I most likely won't be able to until I am back in the states....

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  1. That is absolutely amazing! I admire you and Kendall so much and I hope that my husband and I can do things like that soon.


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