Sunday, July 10, 2011

Outreach Part I-Peru Update V. II

We recently returned from a two week long outreach trip into deeper parts of the jungle. We are now "home" in Iquitos and I am thankful. It is funny how being gone on a trip into deeper parts of the jungle made me long for a different home but not my States home. I missed Iquitos. I missed the food Jen and I cook everyday and sleeping in the same bed as my husband. I missed taking the motorcycles out and going to town. I missed coke. I missed those things that one would miss about the good ol U.S of A. when being in a different country.

I am hoping to make a three part post about the last few weeks. Bear with me on updates. It is super busy around here and by the time I finish the day I am just ready to snuggle up with Kendall and pass out.

We took our outreach trip with Adam and Jen, their three children, 5 of the Tikuna Indian students, and 3 Iquitos students. The other students in the Bible school went on a different outreach trip. Our trip began with a 2 night, 3 day trip on a launcha down the Amazon River.

A launcha is a large cargo/people boat that carries cargo on the bottom deck and then carries people on the top two decks. There are poles set up and everyone ties up there hammocks and stays on the open deck (there was a roof but the sides were not closed in). Everyone is sleeping together like one big slumber party but not quite as fun. You kind of just hang tight in your hammock and get served bread, beans and rice, and some sort of mystery meat (that I never ate) until you get off at the end. Kendall and I bought hammocks before we left and praise the Lord they had mosquito nets. There weren't mosquitos per say but there were giant man eating beetles with glowing yellow eyes and claws. Ok, they weren't really man eating but they did have glowing yellow eyes with claws and I really did not like them. As hard as I tried I could never hide my distaste for them and the students always laughed at me as I tried to dodge them by flailing my arms in the air. There were also these locust, cricket looking critters that like to bury themselves under your feet. We had devotional every day on the boat and I became a Frank Perretti fan. I love his books, if you haven't read them you should really check them out.
We spent a lot of time getting to know the students even with a frustrating language barrier. Nothing can beat showing each other love more than hugs and smiles though. I feel like I know the girls yet we've never had more than a few word conversations yet I see their hearts. What a joy it has been getting to know them. My dear husband also warmed up to the boys Daniel and Alvaro taught them guitar at every chance they got. I loved seeing his heart for them and seeing his burning desire to learn Spanish so he can talk to people. I'm so proud of that man. P.S. Thanks God for giving him to me.

The students passion for the Lord is an encouragement to me and nothing is sweeter than hearing praises sung to the Lord in 3, sometimes 4 languages. (english, spanish, portuguese, and tikuna).

After a long few days of travel we finally arrived in the small village of Filidelfia, Brasil ready and prepared to hit the ground running to the point of exhaustion. We came ready to do children's ministry, teach, plan rec games for the youth, and any other thing the Lord wanted us to do to bless people.

Breanne and Kendall Johnson

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