Thursday, July 14, 2011

Outreach Part II- Peru Update V. III

Outreach took place in the native village of the four tikuna students. It was the girls first time back to their village since going to the "city" and studying. I am very curious to know what kind of testimony that had to not only their families but their community.The outreach trip was the students final grade for their semester and Kendall and I were blessed to join alongside them.

Our ministry time consisted of:

--children's ministry
--music offerings (playing worship for churches)
--Indigenous youth conference
--games for the youth

We had three opportunities to do children's outreach in three different places. It is always so much fun and the kids love it. The girls dress up as mariposas (butterflies) and the boys dressed up as clowns. My jungle man dressed up as Thomas the train and he was sure great at it. It always made me laugh so hard. We read Bible stories to the kids and played fun games with them. We also sang songs with the kids. It is always such a joy to see the kids and bless them. I pray those children come to know Jesus and that they carry His love to the even deeper parts of the jungle where outsiders have no right but it is their birth right to go to those places.

We had the opportunity to visit the Indigenous church and the church that Jhine's (Ginae) Dad pastors. At each place the boys and my husband played some worship songs for the people. They loved it and I pray it blessed the people. I was blessed by their enthusiasm to worship and praise the Lord. I love the hot culture of the Amazon.

While we were in the village we had the opportunity to help with an Indigenous Youth Conference. This was definitely a Top Ten moment in life. We sat in church one night and I was looking around and realized I was sitting amongst people from six different Indian tribes of the Amazon who all spoke different languages, but had Christ in common. Some of the peoples are considered least reached people groups. I even got to teach them something God had put on my heart and it was definitely a time I will never forget. I taught over Romans 12:2 and how our mind is the battlefield of our soul and to take captive of our thoughts to make them obedient to Christ.

Another part of the conference we helped with was rec games. Every afternoon we came up with games and they loved them. I was so surprised at how many of them participated, but they did and loved it. We played one game that used balloons and one of the boys that I will talk about in a later post had never been taught how to blow up a balloon. It was quite the sight to see. He stretched the top of the balloon over his lips...I thought he was going to pass out.

This was an overview of the ministry we did. Come back tomorrow and I will let you in on my favorite story of the trip. :)

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