Thursday, September 22, 2011


Perspectives has rocked my world.
What is Perspectives you ask?
It is a class on the World Christian Movement and
how God is moving all over the world not just now but since the beginning of time.
I learned a lot of what we have learned so far in a condensed version for my training I had when I went to North Africa (summer '10).


I miss this place! The culture, the food, the people, the city....everything.

I thought I loved missions before this class, but my passion has grown so much more. Not only has my passion grown, but I have learned more in the past 4 weeks than I have in a looong time. We still have 11 more weeks to go! I feel like it is really beginning to take root in my life and missions is becoming more of a lifestyle rather than something I do a couple weeks out of the year. We plan on pursuing missionary life overseas. However, where ever God leads we will go. If it is in the United States or a place I've never heard of, I have no choice but to go. I am such a wanderer, a visionary if you will. Thankfully my husband is the same way. He actually had someone prophesy that he would be a wanderer who traveled from village to village. Sometimes it is hard for me to think about moving around a lot because I love my relationships with people. BUT I know that I am living for God and not people. Home is not of this earth, it is in eternity with Him. Perspectives has led us into considering getting our Master's in Bible translation. This is not for certain, but something we are really considering and praying about. At this point, we've had a lot of peace about it so we will continue to move in that direction until God leads us elsewhere. (Side note: I would finish my Master's in the same time I have left to finish my Bachelor's since I had to transfer schools. Yes, please?)

I've learned so much about Father's heart for the nations and how he can use me now no matter where I am. It isn't about moving people geographically but how to get involve with the "big picture" of God's plan no matter where we are.

Perspectives isn't just your average Bible Study. We will actually be receiving a certificate at the end of the class as long as we make a good grade. Yes, a grade. Perspectives is harder than any course I am currently taking at an actual University. We have to read and turn in homework assignments (that are hard!) but it is all WORTH it. I am hoping to continue to update about Perspectives as we continue through this course.

I cannot wait to see where Father leads us and I pray he continues to work on our hearts.
If you will, could you pray a prayer of direction for us? We really could use it right now.

Look forward to:
More wedding posts
A wedding video soon!!! eeeek!
a honeymoon post
And new weekly features! :)


  1. I really need to take this course!!!!

  2. Hello Lovely! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog today! This was an especially refreshing post. It's awesome to hear that you are willing to go wherever God is leading you... and to do it obediently and willingly!

    I can't actually post anywhere on my blog where we'll be going for a number of reasons butttttt I am excited to bloggy "meet" you and, if you ever want the full scoop on our overseas plans feel free to email me sometime! I am excited to follow along your journey and see how the next couple of years unfold. God is so good and so gracious and His timing is so perfect. It's amazing to be at the point we're at and to see how far we (mostly I) have come.

    Anyway, this comment wasn't supposed to be about me it's supposed to be about you. Thanks for being a refreshing woman who isn't going to hold her husband back from what he is called to do and for accepting life as it comes from the Lord. You are amazing!

  3. Hey Breanne! Thanks so much for that beautiful comment! It was very encouraging and helpful =D Your blog has been too! I've had fun exploring on it and reading some the posts. Can't wait to come back and read more.


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