Thursday, September 1, 2011

Peru Update V. V -- We are back!

We are back!
No worries, we have made it back safe and sound. I apologize for the lack of posting. It seems as if I am always saying that, but I am really hoping I can keep up with this thing more. We have not had internet since we returned from Peru (I am using my parents) and the last few weeks in Peru were ridiculously BUSY!
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Now that I am back, I took some time to do some revamping to the 'ol blog. I wanted to include my husband on the new design of course! :) Photo Credit in the header goes to:
Emily Fuselier, our wedding photographer.
I want to take time to update on the last weeks of Peru.
We returned on August 8th back to the states. I have to say it is bittersweet being back in the United States. This is where all of our family and friends are, whom I love with my whole heart, but I left my heart in Peru. It hasn't been easy being back because so much of me is still there. This summer changed me, stretched me, and grew me as a wife, christian, and as a person.
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I have a new found passion for cooking; thanks to Jen for teaching me. She also taught me so many ends and out of being a missionary wife and I am forever thankful for her. I cannot wait to work with them again. It was so nice to have a couple mentoring us the first two months of our marriage. I still giggle at Kendall sometimes because he started picking up on the same mannerisms of Adam and I know I tell a story just like Jen now. Kendall tells me I even picked up on her Tennessee accent. If you want to laugh, ask me to say "ice cream" or "knife", my "i's" are forever ruined (I love you jen! :)). Sometimes, I felt like a little clone of the Bostic's and I am absolutely okay with that. ;)



The last few weeks were spent getting ready for the Freedom team, celebrating their daughter SB's 1st birthday, and just loving on their kids who know us as "Aunt Breesey and Uncle Candle". I miss those kids with my whole heart!


Our friend Thomas also arrived down in the jungle and is now a student at the Bostic's International Bible School NISI! Thomas is one of Kendall's best friends so once he arrived I hardly saw my husband. ;) We had "family days" at least once a week and ventured out on the motorcycles to get ice cream and coke. I, the unexperienced motorcycle driver I am, was driving with Kendall on the back and hit a pretty muddy patch in the road and fell off. Thus resulting in a nice 3rd & 2nd degree burns on my calf from hitting the muffler on my way down. However, all is well. I healed up nicely and have a nice scar to remind me of the incident.

The Freedom team arrived the last week of our time in Peru and showed up ready to serve! They worked hard repairing the Pirate Ship in the Bostic's backyard so we could use it for children's ministry. They also helped in doing children's ministry in the afternoons. Thursday, the last day, we had a huge children's ministry event on the pirate ship. We expected 60-80 kids....well God went above and beyond our expectations and 200 kids showed up! The Lord was so faithful to provide and each child went home with some food in their belly, a craft, learned about God and got a LOT of love by some Gringos!
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That is just a glimpse of what all happened in our last weeks there. I am hoping I will get some more picture posts up, but there is a lot of other things I want to catch up on. So, I will see where time takes me. Look forward to a wedding post or two coming soon! :D

(I had written another post but it didn't get saved so this one isn't as detailed. boooo.)

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