Monday, October 24, 2011

Busy, Busy!

This week is going to be an extremely busy week. I have already taken one test with two more to go (and possibly another?). Including 5 hours of observations for my Child development class (which I have already taken at UNT but they wouldn't except it at Lamar?...what the heck?). On top of that I have homework for my Perspectives class and an essay. Work and wifely duties to top it off. We also are doing some repairing on our house. Our little giant pup destroyed our 70's mustard yellow brain carpet which leads us to having replace it. We were freaking out at how much it was going to cost to replace carpet, but guess who found original hardwood floors? That's right, us! So...thank you Benaiah? It is a project to say the least and the house is a mess. Yikes.

Photo 1007
This is my "i know i have a lot to do but I really don't want to do it" face. ha

 I know I have a full week ahead. I am also wanting to work on some ideas for opening my own etsy shop. I bought some crafty things, so we'll see if I even have time to get to that this week. I am also the worst bride in history and I STILL have not sent out my Thank You notes. It has been 5 months. My goal is to have them all sent out by October 31. I am super thankful but with a 2 month trip to Peru, starting at a new school, starting two jobs at the same time, AND moving into a house just hasn't left a whole lot of time to get to that. I have about 20 left to write...I can do this!

All this to say, I am really going to have to time manage this week. Whenever I get all this done I hope to catch up on postings as well as everyone else's posts.

This song has been on repeat at the Johnson household:

Without You- Shane and Shane

We have also been addicted to watching pranks performed by Ellen Degeneres. HA-larious!
This is one of our favorites:

What song or artist have you had on repeat lately?


  1. That video was SOOOOOO hilarious!!!! I mean I was cackling the whole time! My husband was laughing at me.

    - Sarah

  2. The ellen clip... wow. too funny! =D

  3. Someday by JJ Heller :) you should check out her album "Deeper", it is so good. Miss and love you.

  4. Love your blog here! Your banner takes me back to my wedding just 3 years ago...:) Love it!!

    The ellen clip is too funny~!!

  5. I know how you feel. I have been so overwhelmed with schoolwork lately that I don't even know were to begin! Almost makes me glad this is my last year of college!



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