Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hellos and Roadtrip!

Hello! I see this little blog of mine has a few more followers! I want to welcome you and I can't wait to go check out your blogs. It is so nice to meet you. Please, don't be shy. :)


My sister and I hit the road this weekend and traveled up to Dallas for a weekend filled with soccer!
She helped my club team out and played two games with us.
Thanks Brookie! You were a good partner for the six hour drive
and because of you I finally got to take the HOV lane! 

I wish I had taken some pictures of us playing or in uniform but I forgot. I am pretty beat up post soccer weekend. My knees are a bit tore up and I have bruises everywhere. I forgot how brutal soccer can be, but I had a lot of fun. 
annnnnnndd....we lost both games against Texas Christian U and UT Arlington. That's okay because I scored a goal! Ya! 

I do have this one pic, but it isn't that great.

Picture 19

After playing soccer ALL day saturday, I finally got to hang out with my Soul Sister Hannah! 
Please tell me why my best (girl) friend has to live 350 miles from me? 
We got to catch up a bit, not much at all compared to how much we've had to miss out on each other's lives lately, but just getting the time we had together was totally worth the drive.
Our friendship went from seeing each other everyday to maybe once a month.
It is quite the adjustment but it is like we don't skip a beat.

But Hannah... it is your turn to drive next! 

We dressed up on Sunday and snapped a few pictures just for fun.

Picture 17
My sweet hannahlove.

Isn't she beautiful?! My goodness. 
She has grown up so much and has turned into such a beautiful young lady.


People say she kind of looks like T-Swift. I'd have to agree.


In case you were wondering, my sister is four years younger than me. 

Do you have a long distance best friend?
 How do you deal with the changes distance brings to friendship? 



  1. Aww how fun! I definitely have a long distance best friend. She lives over 500 miles away and its heart-breaking. I just got to visit her last weekend though and my heart is full yet again :) We def. skype a whole heck of a lot more and text all the time now that we've got to deal with this distance. So I feel ya on that one.

  2. oh, it is just awful!.. No, not your post, distant friendships!!! Any kind of friendship is so challenging ... and sometimes you're so tired of fighting for something that seems so hard to keep. But it all worths it!...
    Long story short... 3 years ago I moved here. So my best friend (I used to spend more time with her than with my entire family) was in Romania and I was here. I've seen her 2 times in 3 years. We barely Skype (because of the time zone - 7 hours ahead), and 3 months ago she left for UK. She's in Edinburgh now, and it's so hard to keep in touch and I miss her enormously ...
    So, I'm glad you got a chance to meet with your best friend! :) I know how would that be for me, and I can imagine your happiness :)

  3. Amber! I am so glad you got to see your best friend too. Isn't it the best? :) I just got internet at my house so we are definitely going to have to try and incorporate skype into our relationship.

    Nami, that is so sad. :( I would miss hannah terribly as well. This summer she was in Timisoara and I was in Peru. We didn't get to talk the 3 months we were gone because the internet connection was bad. Are you going back to romania?

  4. reminds me of me and my sis. we love to go places together and take pics of eachother. ;) you both are so cute!

  5. Just came across your blog and figured I would say hello! First off, I love ya'lls outfits. My best friend lived 300 miles away all throughout highschool so that was rough. We would call and snailmail (always fun to receive letters), and although she's closer now, when I'm off at college we always Skype. :)

  6. Great blog! You and your sis are so cute. And look SO much alike in that first picture! :)

  7. your outfits are so cute! new follower, would you like to swap buttons?


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