Thursday, October 6, 2011

No dogs allowed.

I swore that when we got a dog we would never let our dog sleep in our bed with us. I didn't care how small it was....the dog would not sleep in our bed.

Heh, well I didn't remain strong in that promise.
Aaaaand Kendall didn't either.
He started it. "hey, would you be okay with Benaiah snuggling with us tonight?"
"Sure, but only tonight."
next night....
B: "So...Benaiah sleeping with us tonight?"
K: "hahah, YEAH!"

Now that is is cooler, you know 60 degrees in the evening
we needed some extra warmth in the bed.
So now, our darling little puppy snuggles up at the end of the bed.
Oops, did I say little? I meant giant.
If he keeps growing we are going to have to invest in a king, because
a queen is not quite cutting it.

Oh dear, I just realized we will have major problems when it comes to
co-sleeping with our children.
I can see it now.

But how can you say no to that face?


He was telling me to get up so he could play outside!
He's the best alarm clock...


.....unless he doesn't feel like getting up either.
Best snuggle-er...sorry kendall... ;)

He's my spoiled rotten pumpkin.
Benaiah is now 7 months and about 70 lbs!
He's a big boy with some growing left to do!

I have a serious case of Puppy Love!!!


  1. your dog is adorable! You know what, we sleep with our dog too, although he is tiny. We are sucker for the puppy cuddles.

  2. Aww! Your dog is so stinkin' cute! =D

  3. Caramel Pumpkin Spice Frappe recipe???? uh... YES PLEASE! As much as I love them, my wallet does not. Making them myself would probably allow me to enjoy them more often!


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