Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm a lumberjack...

"I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK 
I sleep all night and I work all day."

We had a blast at our trunk or treat monday night. Kendall played with the worship band most of the night and did awesome as always. I decorated our trunk to go along with being lumberjacks. I made it like a lumberjack camp. I passed out candy to the precious little kids and made sure the giant was tamed. Some of our friends dressed up with us and brought their dogs.


Me, Kendall, and our Rhodesian Ridgeback Benaiah. Caleb and Emily with their Chihuahua Roxy. Leslie and Jace with their Border Collie Ellie. 

Me and my dog child. He went as our pet deer. He surprisingly
did really well with the antlers. 



Us girls working the trunk. 

Benaiah did a really good job of getting into character. 


Here's Ellie. She chased shadows the entire night.


Emily and Roxy. Roxy went as a lion.


My hunky Lumberjack husband and my cuddly deer.


As you can tell, there was a lot of taming to be done. haha. This was about half way through the night. He passed out in the car. How cute is he?


We enjoyed our first Halloween together as a family. 
I cannot wait for the our first Thanksgiving and Christmas together. 

I know it is late, but how was your halloween? 


  1. How fun! I've heard of the trunk for treats, but I've never done one. I love the concept. Very neat. You guys all look great!


  2. yay! i love trunk-or-treats! y'all are just too cute. :)

  3. so cute! I love that your pup got in on the Halloween action too!

  4. haha! love all you're costumes =)

  5. What fun costumes! And your dog is so adorable... could totally pass for a deer! heheh :)

  6. Cute hat! Where did you find it?


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