Sunday, November 13, 2011

Truth V. 2

Here goes round two of ten truths about me:

11. I have been obsessed with missions since I was a little kid. My mom taught a class when I was 2 all the way until I was in 6th grade at our church. We learned about missionaries and different cultures. My passion grew and it is one of the only things I've held onto for so long. I don't plan for it to end either.

12. I am officially going to grad school. I said I would never go, but Kendall and I have decided to be linguists. We are going to linguistic school in Dallas next January! We want to be Bible Translators and with the grace of God we will be.

13. I do not easily get stressed. Honestly. I have never really had problems with anxiety or stress (only when I drink a lot of coffee). Why? I do not know. Don't ask me how I do it because I really couldn't tell you. I have had moments where I would feel anxious, but the moments would last only a couple of minutes. I do struggle with other things, but stress/anxiety is not one of them.

14. I'm a chocoholic. I could live off chocolate. Any Kind. Doesn't Matter.

15. I go through weird food obsessions. Currently my food obsessions are: s'mores, sweet iced green tea from Sonic, and pumpkin anything. Last spring it was: Andes Mints, Coke Zero, Baked Cheetos, and Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. They don't just last a couple days but a couple months. (p.s., I heard Blue Bell is only a southern Ice Cream. Have you had Blue Bell before?)

16. I am a Chickfila vegetarian. I only eat meat when I go to chickfila because I love me a #5, 8-count Chicken nuggets with a lemonade. So...I guess that doesn't really make me a vegetarian...

17. I have a slight case of baby fever. I am really not ready for the parenthood road yet. I mean, I am only twenty years old and we've only been married for 6 months. We have time. I just can't help myself when I see a cute little baby. I have to resist the urge to ask the parent to let me hold their baby because that would be really creepier-ish of me. However, I can't wait to hold a baby that was made out of the love of Kendall and I and teach my child the things of the Lord. I can't wait to be proud of my child and experience the parent love that God has for us. day. Patience is a virtue and the timing will be perfect whenever God decides to bless us with a son or daughter.

18. I fight with body image issues all the time. Sometimes I feel like I have a really unhealthy relationship with food. It almost seems sinful to me. I hate admitting that but I do. This is a blog in itself, but I really struggle with food having control over me. It is like an addiction, I've never had any substance abuse problems but this food on can be just as unhealthy for my body. It seems so petty, but I think it is important. It is something recently brought to my attention that I need to let go of and give to the Lord. Whew, i feel so much better getting that out there!

19. I am a super competitive person. I hate losing, but I am not one of those people that gets angry. I just really, really don't like it. Note: I am not competitive when it comes the blogosphere since I am simply here to keep a journal of my life. I can honestly say it doesn't matter to me if I have 4 followers or 4,000. I love to blog (even if it isn't very consistent) and I never want to compare myself to other blogs because we all have wonderful stories to tell. I do love making blog friends though and I get inspiration from every blog I come across.

20. I met my best friend in African Tribal Dance class. My sweet Hannah and I met in our african class and went on tour together to Kentucky and Illinois. We got to skip school for a week and were literally connected at the hip for a week straight. When we returned back to school we said "I can't believe we didn't get on each other's nerves the whole, I guess we should be best friends." That made history folks. She is still my best friend even though we live 6 hours a part now. She is one of the most beautiful, kind-hearted people I know. My last year at UNT with her was spent with many laughs, adventures, coffee, and dancing to Ignition Remix. Oh gosh, I miss that girl! I am sure you will be hearing about her more soon. :)


I apologize for the lack of posting, I've been fighting off a sinus infection for the past two weeks and it finally went away this morning! I just wanted to sleep every chance I got.
Also, I will be having my first ever giveaway this week and I have a few post planned so check back if you want to hear more from me this week. ;)


  1. Love reading your ten truths! I'm a chick fil a addict too, I get the same thing #5 8 count except with a dr pepper :D

  2. Love, love, love!

    I need to try the sweet iced green tea still from Sonic.

    I am so proud of your going to be a linguist! :D

    I miss you, Breanne. :(

  3. I have baby fever and I'm not even married! But I know what you mean. Every time I see a cute kid I just want to pick it up and squeeze it to death =)

  4. I am so excited about your grad school adventures! I always said I would go to grad school, but now I'm not. Funny how God works.

    I totally go through food obsessions too. My last one was Nutella! Oh goodness! Oh, and I love that you are a Chickfila vegetarian. Haha! That made me laugh.

    I think baby fever comes with being married....or just being a girl. I've had it for over a year...still no baby yet though...which isn't' a bad thing!

  5. African dance class? That's awesome!

    Thanks for being open and honest about food obsession. Sometimes I think people don't realize that loving food can actually be like idolizing something. I have to admit, I have problems with food too, it is much more important to me than it should be.

    I am so glad you are participating with the 10 truths! Love learning more about you!

  6. I need help! I so need to be a vegetarian because I have high cholestoral :( How do you do it? I'm terrible at not eating meat... lol. Also, you are so very brave for posting your truths :)

  7. Love this post! Beanne, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a kind and encouraging comment! It means a ton!


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