Sunday, November 20, 2011

Truth V. 3

I am back for round three of truths! :) Even if my posting is scarce during the weeks at least you get to know more about me on sundays. I just want to say thank you for following along with my blog, it means so much!

31. I guess you could call me seasoned traveler. I mentioned I love traveling but I've been to a couple different places. Mexico (3x), Belize, Spain (3x), Peru (3x),  Holland, Morocco, Brazil, and Colombia. That excludes my stateside my travels which are probably fewer. I think I've left a bit of my heart in each of these countries. I would really like to go back to each and keep growing my list. I can't wait to travel with kendall more and experience so many sights together. I think the next countries on my list are: Ghana, Libya, India, Romania, and Mali (in no particular order).

Spain Trip 0705 283

32.  My absolute favorite color is teal/turquoise. Basically any pretty blue. :) I realize lately that most of my wardrobe consists of all shades of blue and my house always leans to teal accents. So, I have tried to expound my color pallet lately. I have really fallen in love with mustard yellow, seafoam green, and coral.

An example of all blue attire...

My attempt to break free with sea foam green wall and yellow bedspread. 
I miss this bedroom. :(

33. My fashion style tend to lean towards bohemian and cheap. :) I really enjoy clothes but I don't have the budget. When I do buy clothes I feel so guilty because I know I have so much already. I haven't brought myself to purchase clothes since I've been home from Peru. I get really sleepy when I go shopping. I really just like to play around with changing up different pieces and accessories.


34. My dream is to own my own coffee shop. I have journal-ed dreams of color palettes and ideas. I always wanted to have a coffee shop like the Talon from Smallville. I doubt it will ever happen, but I will drink my coffee and wish.

35. I am a night owl. which would explain why I am still up at 1 am writing this post. Kendall always goes to bed super early, so it has been quite the adjustment in married life getting our sleep schedules to match up.

37. I dream up of all the expectations for myself for the day, then I feel like they don't happen. I over commit and think I can get things done and I don't. For instance, I'll wake up and be like I'm going to run and study before work, then after work I will finish this or that. More often than not I don't do everything I intend on doing. I need to work on that...

38. I love the beach. I could sit on a lounge chair, soak up the sun, and read a book all day while listening to the waves. Even though I love the beach, I can't stand the sandiness of it. I won't sit in the sand or play in but I certainly enjoy the atmosphere of the beach. I would go back to the place we took our honeymoon in a heartbeat.




39. I would rather be in the jungle. When we were in Peru this summer I could not get over how much it felt like home. Everything seemed so natural and I remember thinking..."I have always imagined I would live my life like this." I know it isn't for everyone, but having to wave down a moto cart to get groceries to start lunch at 10:00 in the morning after washing clothes by hand made for an  adventure everyday. My Indian and missionary friends are still there and I miss them so. They aren't just people I am going to "help", that isn't the case at all. They are my brothers and sisters whom I love and are dear to me. I consider it an honor to serve them.

Picture 2


40. I have a love/hate relationship with running. I have tried to like it.  It doesn't help me lose weight or get in shape even when I run consistently. I have ran a half marathon and I LOVED it. I had so much fun competing, but the running in training wasn't very fun... I am running a 10k Turkey Trot Thursday. I haven't ran in a while so I should probably make sure I can still do that. I am also starting CrossFit again, now this works.



until my next post which will hopefully be sooner than later.

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