Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Unplanned Event

Hi everyone! Thanks for putting up with my absence as of late and if you have left a comment on the blog I will be responding as soon as I can. I love getting your sweet comments, they make me smile. :)

 Life just seems to keep throwing us curve balls and I'm having trouble keeping up. I had something else planned to post and then....

This happened:

Picture 22

Praise the Lord I am okay! This was my first wreck and it was SO scary!!! I got out of the car shaking and crying. I thought I was going to throw up. My back is a little sore, so I am resting up in bed. There's a lot of damage to my car and it is probably totaled. It is just a "thing" and can be replaced, but it is definitely an inconvenience since I have to commute to school. There is a little street that runs by the high school but there are parking spaces on the side. A kid was backing out pretty quickly and I didn't even have time to brake before he hit me. He hit me so hard that he pushed my car to the other side of the street. He just had a bent bumper. Really?! Thankfully Kendall was off today, so he came as my Knight in Shining Armor and made sure everything was okay. I am so thankful for that sweet husband of mine.  

Goodbye Neo! It's been real. We had so many miles of memories together. 

This little wreck made me realize how much can change in a second. That is all it takes. From now on I am going to make sure I treasure the time I have with people and put more emphasis on eternal things rather than on material things that pass away while I still have the time.

We have also had to deal with two deaths in our families this past week. It is never easy dealing with the loss of family so please pray for us. 

I will posting Halloween pictures for my next post, maybe even tonight! 


  1. Oh my gosh, my heart goes out to you guys! I'm so sorry for your losses. I will definitely be praying. How encouraging to know you're okay too, after the accident. I hope your week starts to look up!

  2. Thankfully you're alright! Will be praying for you and your families as well. Hang in there! =)

  3. OH NO!!! I'm so sorry. I'm glad you are ok, now.


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