Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Back on 2011- Part One

  Wow! Is it really December 31 already? I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. What a year it was been! This year started a new chapter of my life with my sweet husband as we entered into marriage together. 2011 had its struggles and its fights, but God never ceased to comfort me and plan every step of the way. I have enjoyed every second of marriage and am looking forward to what 2012 holds!

We started off the year with our dear friends Tim, Mattie, Caleb, Emily, and my fiance (at the time) Kendall. We said hello to 2011 and welcomed it with open arms as we all had plans to get married!


In January, we said goodbye to one of the sweetest men I knew, Kendall's PawPaw. It was heartbreaking, but we made it through.

I headed back to Denton in January and made some headway on wedding planning. Like making our rings and designing our invitations.



I said hello to snow in February and was snowed in with my roommates for almost a week! We spent the days playing in the snow, watching movies, and playing Just Dance 2.



I also celebrated one year of engagement with Kendall!

In March....I had many "last" dates with this girl. :)


I went to Canton Trade Days with Hannah and enjoyed Moroccan food at a place in Dallas! So yummy!


I started Crossfit and loved every second of getting into shape. I can honestly say I was in the best shape of my life...I can't really say that now, but I start again on January 2!

At the end of March my roommates and Hannah took me to Six Flags for a "bachelorette" party. We rode roller-coasters until our heads hurt and had a blast!


April was full of fun wedding activities. I had my bridal shower in Port Neches. That same weekend we went to our friend Hillary and Trey Wong's wedding.



I also had my bridal shower in Denton that my wonderful soul sister and north texas mom put on for me.
It was beautiful but I never had a chance to blog about it.



That same weekend my roommates, Hannah, and other Denton friends threw me a little bachelorette party.


May was the month I had been waiting for. I was ready for the 21st, but before the wedding, I celebrated my 20th birthday. I celebrated with my dear birthday twin Khyrria! :)


I said goodbye to Denton and so many wonderful friends, these are just a few.


I completed my last semester at University of North Texas and transferred to Lamar.

The weekend before our wedding we celebrated the marriage of our friends Marcie and Thomas Lee.
She was a beautiful bride!

I got to spend a few days with my girls at the beach before I became a Mrs.


Then, the day finally came, and it was perfect. I said "I do" and made promises I could only make to him. Everyday we've spent since this day has been such a blessing and I love being married to my best friend.

{ Breanne + Kendall } /// Wedding from Justin W Lowe on Vimeo.

We went on the Honeymoon of a lifetime. I enjoyed every second and I hope we can go back one day. I felt like royalty and enjoyed a very relaxing vacation with my new husband. One day I'll blog about the honeymoon...



As soon as we got back from our honeymoon we drove up to my dear friend Brandi's wedding. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and I was a bridesmaid in her wedding on May 28 to her lover Brett!
They are the sweetest couple and their wedding was beautiful. Kendall didn't make it because he was horribly ill with a parasite.

The following day on May 29, our close friends Mattie and Tim Riu got married! Kendall was a groomsman in their wedding and they have become so close to us these past 7 months of marriage.


June was busy as we were getting ready to leave for Peru.

But, before we left we of course had to make ONE more appearance at a wedding. ;) My friends from Denton Nathan and Kristiane Webb got married. They are some of the sweetest people I know and so genuine.


We finally left for Peru in June and headed off to spend our first two months of marriage in a foreign country.

We taught English and music at our friends Bible School. 


I learned how to ride a motorcycle and only ended up with a little 3rd degree muffler burn.


We traveled for 8 days total down and back the Amazon River to do Ministry in Brazil. We traveled on a trash barge and slept in hammocks. I read a ton of Frank Peretti books.


We did children's and youth ministry with Indians. It was such a neat expereince and God really worked on my heart.



Met a legit Indian named Schapoo from the Javari River Valley. We fell in love with this boy and pray he continues to live for the Lord. You can read his story here


This is Part One of our journey throughout the year 2011, I will begin 2012 with Part Two. I noticed Part Two was getting less and less detailed and I wanted to do it Justice. 

Enjoy your New Years Eve and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


  1. I studied abroad in Peru in 2008! What an amazing country!

  2. So much wedding goodness! I love the video and seeing all the details too! Hope this new year bring just as much joy and adventure if not more for the two of you!

  3. Girl. You made me cry. Lol. I absolutely adore you and am so happy that you were put in my life. I miss you terribly and I wish school and work did not interfere with my traveling wants.

    I wish you and your husband a wonderful new year. I know you both will treasure it as you treasure each other.

  4. What an exciting year! 2011 will always be a special year! I know this year will be wonderful too! Happy New Year!


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