Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Showers of love

I'm back! I had a wonderful weekend in the Dallas area throwing my best friend some fun parties to celebrate her upcoming wedding! We showered her with lots of love, gifts, lingerie, treats, and company. I was running around trying to plan everything all weekend and am completely exhausted today (hello 8 hours of school today!). I drove home yesterday and was so excited to see my husband and pup. I was squealing with excitement as I hugged and smooched Benaiah Kendall. Kendall said every morning and evening Benaiah was whining and looking in all the rooms of the house for me. He nearly tackled me when I walked through the door. 

Here's a little sneak peek with instagram photos:

Lingerie shower

Saturday night was the Bachelorette Party and Lingerie shower! I did a "leopard, lace, and love" theme. We made red velvet cake balls, brownies, pink sugar cookies, and more.
It was all so yummy and I love the way it turned out.


My dress and shoes for the bridal shower on sunday. I felt very little house on the prairie. :)

Bridal shower

I threw Hannah a rustic/vintage tea party. We had it on a closed-in porch (good thing, because it was freezing)
 in the middle of the country and it was beautiful. I am so glad both parties came together and I know Hannah loved them.
We served mini quiche, chicken salad, cheesecake, strawberries,  strawberry cake balls and raspberry tea.

Candelabras, vintage tea cup, kissing ball, and flowers.


Vintage tea pot, radio, suitcase, and fan.

Sign in table. "please leave your print on the love story of Kip and Hannah"
Tags of heart thumbprints and encouragement hung on an old window shutter

The beautiful and delicious cake!

The glowing bride-to-be opening her gifts.

We had a photobooth too so I will be uploading more pictures once I get them off my camera. :)

How was your weekend?

P.S. i missed my blog friend in Dallas Michelle, just barely! One day I will meet a blog friend in person. :)


  1. What a beautiful shower! How fun to be in the middle of the "wedding season" of life. I am currently just exiting that season and entering the "baby shower" season. So much joy. So many reasons to celebrate!

  2. Everything turned out beautiful. I love and adore that cake!

  3. What sweet decorations for these events! :) That cake is so pretty!!

  4. The pictures are wonderful, I saw most of them already on instagram, but it's nice to see them bigger! I especially love the rustic theme tea party! I would have loved to see that in person! So glad you were able to help your friend celebrate. All the parties leading up to the "Big Day" are just all the wonderful extra blessings you get to indulge in when being a bride/bride to be. You did a fabulous job!
    p.s. SO wish I could have met with you!

  5. Dang girl, you are like the best MOH ever. You went above and beyond- how sweet!


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