Saturday, February 18, 2012

They are getting hitched!

My sweet friend Carlie from Duplechin Daily is getting married to Kendall's best friend Kody today!!!
 Go stop by her blog and leave her lots of wedding wishes on her big day! :)

K and c

We spent all day yesterday decorating the venue for the ceremony and reception. It looks beautiful and I cannot wait to celebrate the union of these two. There was also a rehearsal dinner with yummy cajun food.

 The wedding festivities leading up to this moment have left us with aching abs from laughing too hard and great memories.

Last weekend was Carlie's Bacherlorette weekend and it was so much fun!
We danced and sang the night away. :)


We also spent last saturday with the guys too having our traditional game night as we always do. :)

 Dearest Carlie,

I'm so glad we have gotten closer these past few months. I've always known Kody a bit better, but over these past 6 months or so you've really become a dear friend of mine. We've bonded and shared our hearts and I'm so thankful for that. We love both of you so much and will always consider you close no matter the miles between us. We have been praying for this moment for a long time (before we were even engaged!) and I'm so happy to see that the Lord answers prayers and does so in His perfect timing. We are sad that you guys are moving, but I promise we will visit and have many more game nights to come. You are going to be such a beautiful bride and more importantly, a wonderful wife to Kody. You guys have come so far and conquered so much.
Seriously you guys, I'm SO happy for you!!!

My "advice" to you:

1. As you grow closer to God you will grow closer to each other. It is a redemptive relationship. God will show you grace more than you've ever seen in your life. :) Do not find your identity in your husband, but always find it in Christ. Your husband cannot give to you what only God can. So, make sure you are being continually renewed in Christ so that you can pour into your husband.

2. Do rely on your husband for spiritual guidance in decisions and daily life. Trust in the Lord that He will lead your husband and you follow in his decisions. Whether they are right or wrong, always be there to support and encourage him so that he does not become discouraged in himself to make decisions for your family again. 

3. Do not put too much pressure on yourself to have the house spotless and food on the table everyday. There are days it may not happen and spending time with him is more important. However, if your husband asks for something to get done, do it. 

4. Spend time in prayer alone and together. Pray over him every day he walks out the door of your house. Cover your home in prayer. 

5. You aren't promised any time with your husband so treasure every moment. Do not waste time being mad at one other. Communicate and work it out. Don't leave him guessing about what your mad about, just tell him. Leave notes around the house that encourage him, make him smile, and feel loved. 

love you!


  1. What a sweet letter you wrote! I'm sure she will treasure it. How thoughtful of you. You made some very solid points and I'm sure she and her husband will be blessed to have them. :)

    Btw, I went and joined Carlie's blog. :)

  2. Oh wow...:) This is so beautiful, and your "advice" that you gave her is so spot on!! I truly wished I had someone to give me that "advice" before I got married to my husband. The Lord works wonders though, and changes hearts (my heart!). Carlie is SO blessed to have you as her friend, and sister in Christ!


  3. Aw, yay!!! I love your advice! So good. I definitely think it's easy to feel pressure to have everything perfect when your hubby gets home. It's good to remember that it's ok if it's not!


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