Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photo Bombed

Today, I got the traveling itch so I began reminiscing and found this old photo from my trip to Denia, Spain in 2007. I was just trying to get a shot of me with the pretty beach and when I uploaded the photos to my computer, I found this:

Photo bomb

Promise I didn't see him there. If I would have, I wouldn't have been smiling so normally. haha.
I really wonder what was going through his mind to make him look at my camera. Did he do it to be funny or did I just catch him off guard? Regardless, it always makes me laugh.

This might be the best photo I have ever accidentally taken.

Do you have any hilarious photo bomb pictures? If you do, you should post about it and send me the link so I can have a nice laugh on study breaks this week. :)


  1. This is the best photo ever. hahah! I love it! The fact that he looked at the camera makes it so interesting!

  2. Hahaha!! That is amazing!! Thank you for the laugh! :)

  3. I have to say..he is super sexy :)

  4. HAHAHAH! That is way too funny. I love it!

  5. Ha ha ha! That's awesomely hilarious. Definitely makes for a memory, lol. Cute blog, by the way. I love your header :)

    xo, Samantha

  6. I just laughed out loud, of course. :) That is hysterical! Definitely a keeper and one to look back on and laugh at for years to come, hehe. This is the best post I've read so far today! :D

    Cute blog girl.


    1. I've never gone from all out laughing to wanting to bawl my eyes out on the same blog before! In other words, I just watched your wedding video. I have no words. So, so sweet. The prayers, the setting outside, the fingerprint idea to remember your guests, at the reception when those two got up there and shared memories... I just love it all. I can just feel the specialness of that day through your movie.


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