Monday, April 16, 2012

Guest post and Giveaway Update.

Hi friends! Today I wrote a guest blog post for Natalie at Scribbles 'n Things for her Femininity: The Biblical Blueprint

Picture 6

You should go read it and tell Natalie hello. ;)
I wrote about having a Healthy Body Image.

It might be my favorite post I've written to-date.

P.S. I haven't forgotten about that giveaway. It is coming. I'm having a terribly hard time deciding what I want to give away. Any suggestions? Right now my number one choice is Sandals from Sseko Designs. Go see what they are about and look at their lovely sandals. Would you be interested in winning a pair of those? I love the idea of buying from African Women. I own a pair myself and I LOVE them.

sseko sandals


  1. Thanks for guest posting Breanne! And I too love Sseko Designs =)

  2. I nominated you to receive the Liebster Blog award. Your blog is so encouraging!


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