Monday, September 24, 2012

Staying when you want to Go

My heart longs to be overseas. I dream of foreign places and faces. I dream of cultures that I have never experienced. I see myself cooking in a dirt floor kitchen with vegetables I picked up from the local market. I can picture myself living in a hut with my sweet husband in a small village.

 If God said to me "pack your bags, I want you to move to a foreign land." I would so willingly say "YES!"

It isn't the going that's hard for me, it is the staying.
I am not so willing to say "Yes, lord. I'll stay."
I find myself complaining and moaning. I wish for things that I can't have.

 I hear the Lord saying, "Wait, my child, wait. I have many things in store for you but I need you to learn first."

IMG_2020 copy
Las Amazonas

Las Amazonas-Kendall Allen Photography

While I impatiently wait, I can also hear Him saying "I need you to live a missional lifestyle first. I have brought my people to you. Love them, care for them, teach them about ME." While I wait to go to a people at the literal ends of the earth, He is giving them to me right where I am. I am learning what it looks like to live out his mission everyday. My heart yearns for the un-reached people groups of this earth. I am passionate about raising awareness for Gospel injustice. While I live in this small town of Southeast Texas, I know the Lord has brought people groups to my area who have never heard the Gospel. I don't want to forget His command to "go to the ends of the earth", but I also know He wants me to GO across the street.

For instance, I have learned that the area I live in has the fastest growing rate of Muslims in Texas. Many of them come to my place of work, and I LOVE getting the chat with them. We even have one lady who even comes in during their call to prayer. I love getting to love them. The more I love these people the easier it is to stay, and I know it will be harder to leave.

It is so easy to get comfortable with everyday life of where you live, so how do you seek out those people to love them?

The Lord has blessed you, so that you may bless others. Go be a blessing to someone today, and everyday for that matter. :)


  1. Yes, it's the staying that is hardest for me too!
    The Lord gave me Ezequiel 3 when I was struggling with the staying. It calmed my anxious heart and It prepared me to live here as if I was living over there: serving.

    love how you said:
    "The Lord has blessed you, so that you may bless others. Go be a blessing to someone today, and everyday for that matter"

  2. I agree. The staying is definitely hard. I feel the same way a lot of the time.

    I love reading your blog, Breanne. :D


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