Monday, October 8, 2012

My heart is full

My heart has been so full these past few weeks! Here's a quick update:

I have seen (almost) everyone I love dearly these past two weeks. Friends from Denton, friends from Washington State, friends in our home town, and we even made a new friend from Arkansas who stayed with us to teach in our Perspectives class. And celebrating, lots of celebrating. :)

I am speaking the name of Jesus in my life and seeing chains broken. All I can say wow and thank you.

My "Theme" in life lately has been:

"Lord, keep writing my story for YOUR glory."

That's all that matters is HIS glory. Oh, and he'll get it.

I am coordinating the Perspectives in my area this semester and it has continued to change my life, yet again. I am learning more the more I am involved with this class. The Lord has really put it on my heart to mobilize people to the nations.

In other news, we have some direction in our lives as to where the "next step" will be. It is still unofficial as some kinks will need to be worked out...but it could and probably will involve moving next year. 3/4 of the year in the US and 1/4 of the year overseas.

This man has been making me incredibly happy lately, can you tell? :)


I have some posts coming up soon, but wanted to catch you guys up.

One of the biggest things that the Lord has been using to bring himself glory is an accident that involves my Pastor's daughter Sarah.

Sarah was in a car accident two weeks ago that has left her in a coma. Long story short, she basically has shaken baby syndrome. The receptors that control her speech and sleep have been affected, but the Lord is good and He heals. We are seeing significant changes and the Lord is proving He is sovereign. Sarah, is feeding herself, dancing with her husband, signing her name, typing on an iPad,  is beginning to open her eyes, and smiles when her nephew comes to visit. It is strange in the sense that she does all these things, but is asleep.

I just ask that you pray. Pray for her healing, her family, that the Lord's will be done, and pray for the sweet little baby growing in her womb right now as she endures therapy. I just love seeing how the Lord is moving in this situation.

Thanks friends!
Until then, what can I pray about for you?


  1. I love it when you blog!! Always brightens my day. I'm sad to hear about Sarah, but love that the Lord is using her in a powerful way in your life (and i'm sure the life of others!)

    Next year sounds exciting! I can't wait to hear more!

    I would love you to pray for Darling Companion :) That what we're doing is opening hearts and mobilising women to be what they're called to be. I've also been asked to serve in leadership on a mission trip this year, would you please pray for me and the team i'm working within? That we're of one heart and that God is glorified.

    So much love for you Breanne. xx

  2. Woohoo! Glad you're back! I'm thankful that your heart is full. That photo of you two is so sweet! I'm sorry to hear about Sarah. God is big and I pray He does something big on her behalf.


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