Monday, April 29, 2013

Eating to Live Week

Hi Friends!
This week, I thought I would share with you my journey of healthy eating and weight loss. I wrote a couple times about my struggle with food last year and you can read that here and here.

It is so much more than just "weight loss" though that I thought it needed its own week since it would be too much for one post.

Not only will I be sharing my story, but i'll share recipes, grocery list, fitness tips, and more.
I'm really looking forward to sharing this with you as I have wanted to for a while. If we weren't moving to the Amazon, I really think I would've gone back to school for holistic nutrition and worked on fitness certifications.

Just a disclaimer, I'm not a professional so please take my advice with caution. I'm just here to share and inspire you from my experience.

To begin the week, I'll start with what Sunday grocery shopping looks like.

It was a good trip to the store today! We love to eat all the colors of the rainbow.  Planning to share some of our favorite recipes on the blog this week. :)
Pictured: Mushrooms, Raspberries, Bell Pepper (red, yellow, orange, & green), squash, zucchini, acorn squash, blueberries, red grapes, blackberries, bananas, oranges, gala apples, kale, Spring Mix salad, Almond Milk, Coconut milk, Green Juice, Yogi Blueberry Slim Green Tea, Raw Carrot Chips, Van's Gluten Free Waffles, Gluten Free Pasta, Quinoa, Greek Yogurt, Coconut Oil, Raw Sweet Potatoes fries, hummus fire roasted tomatoes, and black beans. 

This is a photo of what a normal week of grocery shopping looks like.
We strive to eat colorfully. Lots of fruits and lots of veggies, specifically greens.
We don't eat much dairy, but our only exception is plain greek yogurt as it tastes great in smoothies and has lots of protein. If I must confess though, we LOVE ourselves some Blue Bell Ice Cream. It is my weakness. 
We haven't been eating a lot of meat lately, but occasionally we do eat ground turkey and chicken. Most of the dinner recipes we have are easy to add meat to, but it is cheaper for us to skip the meat and we aren't exactly thrilled with the way meat industry works. 

This will last us about a week and half-two weeks. It gets tricky because we buy a lot of fresh veggies. However, I'll share some tips later this week on how we make it last. :)
 Since there's two of us, I only plan two-three meals a week and we are easily able to eat leftovers, make a salad, and get creative if needed. 

On another note of fitness, I accomplished a personal goal this weekend. I ran my fastest 5K at 24:17 and placed 1st in my age group. It wasn't a huge race, but it was still something I wanted to do before we moved to the jungle. All the girls in my run group placed too!
I've also gotten my mom and sister to run as well. It has been such a wonderful bonding experience.

Riverfest 5k this morning! I got 1st in my age group with a PR of 24:18.

Check in tomorrow for some of my favorite Breakfast recipes. :)


  1. LOVE this post! So glad you're going to be writing on this topic (the whole eating healthy), since it's one I've been really interested in lately myself.

  2. Wow, great job on the 5k record time!! That's fast!!


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