Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thoughts on Running

Recently, I have found a new love for running. I have hated running in the past.
For instance, in High School when our coach told us we would be running 2.5 miles, I thought I was going to die. After struggling with a back injury last May, I was pretty limited on what I could do as far as exercise. So I prayed. I prayed I would enjoy running and I have ever since. Even though I love it, it is still hard to convince myself to consistently do it but I never regret it once I step out of the door.

Running has become more than a way to burn calories but has become an outlet to worship.
Not that I worship running but that I am able to worship God with no distractions. I take off on a long run and I pray "speak to me God", "love on me God" and He does every time.

There was on run in particular where I was setting out for my first long run of my Half training. I just remembering Him telling me to run to Him and not look back. He was telling me to focus on Him, that He would be my strength, at that time that was exactly what I needed. It was almost an emotional run as I began to speak His praises and admire His creation.

All of my running prepared me for the two Half Marathons I ran last month. I had a blast running each one and in a way they are symbolic of the journey I've been taking the past few months of becoming the healthiest I can be. It hasn't been easy, but every step was worth it. I hope I can write more about that soon.

Running 1


  I ran the first one by myself and ran it in 2:11.  I signed up the night before the race, one of the most spontaneous things I have done. I went with the intentions of signing up for the 5K.
I also met my now running partner, Jamie. 


The second one I did with my mom and best childhood friend. I had offered to train with her to encourage her to live a healthier lifestyle. Seeing my mom cross the finish line was really emotional! I was so proud of her and my friend Nika! 


Alamo 13.1 San Antonio, TX made for a beautiful run. :)
Finished with a time of 2:06. A new PR.


Us three girls have been friends since Kindergarten. 
Hannah came along to cheer us on. I love both of these girls so much


Me, My Mom ( who has lost TEN pant sizes, ya'll!!), and the Beautiful Nika

What are some of your favorite ways to worship? 


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