Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jungle Journals|| #1

We are here! 
It's been a slow week as we adjust and prepare for a short term team but we have received our 10 yr. visas. :)
I  still can't wrap my head around the fact that I am waking up in the jungle. 
Right now we are in a small jungle city but will be trekking out to a tribe
At the beginning of July to look into taking an administration position at a local school. 
It is also the ministry of one of our AX partners. It would be a wonderful opportunity and a great way to learn Portuguese. 

The foodie in me is definitely loving all of the fresh fruits and vegetables and I have been enjoying all the fresh fruit juice my heart desires. My current favorite is jugo de maracuya. :) 

Please pray for healing as I have been sick since we got here and pray that we will learn Spanish and Portuguese at a supernatural pace. 

My heart is so incredibly full of joy and we are feeling so blessed. I can't even fathom what awaits us. 

With love from the jungle. 


  1. I'm so glad you've given us an update! Prayers prayers prayers!! So excited for you guys and can't wait to hear more as you get settled!!

  2. Sounds so amazing & like such a blessing! Can't wait to read more about your adventures :) Sending prayers your way lady.

  3. You will learn these languages in the very best way possible and it WILL be incredibly fast. When you learn a language for God, God teaches you the language . . . He's good at it, too. This is the real Gift of Tongues- the gift that was always meant to help God's children understand each other and come closer to Him. I did not learn Italian by studying the grammar, I learned it by re-learning faith, re-learning prayer, re-learning Jesus Christ in Italian. So, only pray in portuguese . . . as in, never ever again in English. God will totally appreciate your short, simple, cave-man portuguese prayer - He'll appreciate anything you do for Him, and He'll bless you with the gift of tongues. Also, when you love the people so much that you can't hold it back, they see it first in your eyes and actions, but then all that love comes spilling out in their language. God does the same thing - He loves us so much, until we understand it. Also, don't be too proud to mess up - every word you have in spanish or portuguese is a gift from God, so treasure it and praise Him for it. If you needed more words He would make sure you had them. What you have is what you need - all you need, really, to do the work He sent you there to do. (I could talk about this for DAYS - after my experience in Italy and now as I teach Italian to new missionaries. I have six weeks with them before they ship off. They come in without a word of Italian and leave speaking and thinking and feeling in Italian. I'm not that good of a teacher, but God can do anything with a willing, humble heart.)

  4. You'll pick up on the language quickly! :) You have to try Suco de abacaxi and suco de goiaba! My two personal favorites! MMMMMM your making my mouth water already! And my heart hunger to go back to my 2nd home! Blessings on you and praying you get better soon!

  5. Definitely keeping you in my prayers! =D Have fun!


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