Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jungle Journals v. ii "The Property & New Friends"

Wow. I can't believe it has almost been a month since I blogged. I guess that goes to show how busy things have been. We have hosted two teams from the states in the past month. One from Georgia (a youth group) and one from Texas (full of familiar faces). We spent a good amount of time at our property getting ready to build the first building of the youth training center!
Every time I get on the river my heart and soul feels at peace and I am filled with joy as I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be. It is home

This past month:

I think I have spent more time sleeping in a tent than I have in my whole life and I am perfectly okay with that except when said tent site is taken over by a nest of fire ants. Thank you God for 100% deet & Benadryl for nights like those. ;) 

Baths were taken in a creek and meals were cooked in the outdoor kitchen. Lets just say I need some work on my fire starting skills to earn my Girl Scout badge. 

My heart grew close to 10 girls from Georgia who shared their lives with me for two weeks. I cannot wait to see how God uses them and which ones might make their way back to the Amazon or another nation for that matter. 

My heart has been so blessed by the relationships we have made. The Lord has blessed us so abundantly with encouragement from fellow brothers and sisters here whether they be american, colombian, puerto rican, or  indigenous. We are all one body of Christ and I love getting to work together. 

There are two specific people who have made this transition easier with their friendship. Cesar and Dani. Cesar is a missionary with Amazon Xpeditions and lives at the base with us. From the first day we met, it felt like we had known him forever. Kendall and Cesar together provide us with stitches in our side from laughing so much. 

 Dani is the field coordinator with Medical Ministries International Amazon & mi herman a de la selva. It has barely been a month but I am confident we will be lifelong friends. :) Dani took a trip to the property with the Texas team (keep in mind it is a two mile hike in & out through mutant mud) and she survived three days there and the hike with malaria

After the hike out with the Texas team, it is pretty exhausting with all the equipment. I am so proud of everyone who has taken that trek this summer and  especially 10-year-old Lily!

Dani spent the past week recuperating at the AX base & the clinic across the street. I am happy to say she is doing MUCH better and will be going back in the river next week with a team. 

I love that We all share the same vision and heart for the amazon, to see the unreached people's reached and to disciple and raise up local leaders. 

We took a day off to be cheesy Americans and celebrate the 4th of July by swimming, making hamburgers, & peach cobbler. Such a good day. 

This is just a little bit of what has been going on in our little world, we have a bit of down time the next month (sort of, language learning will be going full speed!) so I am hoping to post a bit more and share my heart. 

¡hasta maƱana mis amigos!



  1. Wow. This is amazing. I look forward to looking at your blog more to read more about the ministry in the Amazon! I'm glad you had a bit of respite for the 4th of July!

    Elena at

  2. Love reading your posts about brazil and the mission there. Brazil has been on my mind lately. <3

  3. You look like you belong there! My heart leaps for joy to know how far you've come in this journey!!! I'm SOOOOOOO excited for you!!!!!!


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