Friday, July 26, 2013

Recently enjoyed things

I've been able to get back in the kitchen the past two weeks and it has been a small big joy to my soul. There's not many things I enjoy more than slicing, dicing, mixing, and creating. I've had an exciting time figuring out what to eat with what produce is on hand.  Fruits are very tropical and veggies are lacking but that just makes the challenge a bit more fun. Though I must confess I have spent the week craving watermelon, sweet potatoes, and a huge bowl of blueberries. 

Here are my two favorites of the recipes I've enjoyed and have quickly become a staple for me:

Protein Banana Pancakes.
  2 Eggs+1 mashed Banana, 
mixed together = Delicious, filling pancakes.

One avocado mashed with salt & lime, mixed in some diced tomatoes, layered it on whole wheat flat bread, and then fried an egg in coconut oil to to top it off. I ate it like a pizza; it was super yummy and simple.

I've enjoyed this one for Breakfast
and Lunch. 

With this rekindled love for cooking, its no wonder it only took me a day to read through Shauna Niequist's new book Bread & Wine. So, so, so good. I enjoy her writing so much, it captivates me and moves my soul. I cried and laughed out loud in her book, that rarely happens for me when I read. She wrote things on my heart that I've tried to say but couldn't put into words. 

The day I read the book was a rare day in the Amazon, it was cold....a whopping 65 degrees but I was freezing. I put my jacket, socks, and long pants on and enjoyed the book and the weather curled up in the hammock on the porch. 

In Bread & Wine, Shauna talks about how when traveling, trying your host country's food is one of the best ways to experience the culture, to taste the culture.

Last Saturday, kendall, cesar, & myself enjoyed a "cultural day" together. It was colombia's independence day and the tres fronteras friendship festival. We had so much fun buying our colombia shirts, walking through the festival, practicing our spanish, and enjoying colombian food.

And what I'm really enjoying the most right now is that God continually reminds me of His faithfulness and provision. I'm reminded of the Body of Christ back at home praying, interceding, and supporting us who if it weren't from them, we wouldn't be able to be here. I love the unity that it brings when we all work together. It is such a wonderful picture that we are standing spiritually side by side serving together to further the Kingdom.

And because of the God we serve and the supporters that bless us, we were 
able to buy a motorcycle, our means of transportation. :)
Thank you!


  1. ooh that breakfast taco sounds SO good. And I've been trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast when we move to Mexico due to limited electricity! This is perfect. I can easily make an egg and tortillas are boundless as are those pieces of produce!

  2. I've been really wanting to check Bread & Wine out! I'm happy to hear it is just as wonderful as I thought it would be!


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