Monday, August 5, 2013

New Horizons Indigenous Training Center

I haven't done such a great job of explaining just what exactly is going on here in the Amazon on my blog.  If I tried to write it out, I wouldn't be able to keep your attention because I would probably be kind of that's where my awesome husband comes in. He's been taking pictures and editing away to put together this video.

It explains our vision and heart for the people of the Amazon and explains the Training Center we are working on. This will be a place of HOPE for so many indigenous people struggling with their place in the outside world and for those still deep in the jungle. While we aren't allowed in those places, we want to send their own native people back in to bring them hope. Right now, many indigenous people are in a local city struggling with drugs, alcoholism, prostitution because they have been rejected. We want to be a light for them in such a dark world.

Please watch this video. Share it on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc. Help me get the word out. Pray with us. Support the project financially if you can. Plan a trip to come with your church, home group, (blog) friends, etc. This project is HUGE and we would love and want to have you a part of it!

The desperateness is growing in my soul and my heart aches everyday.

Email us at for more information and we will be more than happy to share how you can help.


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