Thursday, August 29, 2013

Re-live it Thursday

I realize over the past year or so a lot has happened that I never got to blog, so I'm going to use Thursdays as my way of catching up. The events will be at random as I remember them or stubble across old photos. Even though I didn't have the chance to write about it as it was happening, doesn't mean it wasn't important. I never got to write about our honeymoon, or our anniversary trip to Disney, and so many more exciting things that have happened since we've been married. I want to document those things!

I'm more so writing this for me, as a place to go back and recall those precious memories, but I hope you enjoy it too. :)

Today, I'm going to continue the happenings of our Tour De Texas. (You can catch Part One here.) We had such a fun time catching up with friends and seeing parts of our dear state we had never seen before. 

I'll start where I left off on the last post.

Sunday was mother's day, as well as my mom's big 5-0 birthday! She wanted to do something fun and adventurous, something active. My mom has lost almost fifty pounds, so she wanted to do something that put her new health into action. We were more than happy about that, because we got to go hiking and zip-lining over the hill-country of Texas. My mom is such a wonderful mother and it was such a beautiful day of celebrating her, she deserves it. 

After lunch, we parted ways. My family went back to our hometown and Kendall & I set off for Austin! It always amazes me how God surprises us in the smallest ways that bring me so much joy! One of those small surprises would be seeing our friend James who works for YWAM and just so happened to be in Austin for a ministry event and was getting ready to leave just as we were getting there. We had said "goodbye" to James on Easter Sunday, but we got to see him once more before our big move. I love seeing James, his energy and joyful spirit is contagious and I always leave his presence encouraged.
You should watch some of his videos on youtube, he is an amazing pop&lock dancer and he has completely self-taught himself over the past 4 years. I have been so honored to watch him improve this God-given talent that has led to so many ministry opportunities. 

That night we got to spend the night with our newlywed friends Andrew and Nicole! I was able to attend their wedding in march, but kendall had to work. :( However, at their wedding we started dreaming of plans to take a camping trip together, so that night we planned and got ready for a trip to Padernales Falls State Park the next day.
 Let me tell you, this place was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I had no idea something like this exists in Texas. We spent the day hiking the falls, jumping from rock to rock, and wading through water. It is safe to say that I ended up with a nice sun burn and sore legs. ;)

 After spending a few hours hiking, we just did more hiking...for about 2 miles to set up camp in the primitive camping site. We munched on the normal camp food...beef jurkey, granola bars, & peanut butter, nutella sandwiches. Kendall and I ran out of water and had a mild panic, but we were thankfully ended up having enough water left for the two-mile hike back out the next morning, thanks to A&N of course.
 We spent the evening playing games and trying to find the "swimming hole" on the map. Unfortunately, we never found it but could hear animals enjoying the watering hole the next morning. :) I love being around this two, they just fit so perfectly together. They be husband and wife, but you can tell they are best friends and I love that about their relationship. (andrew, nicole, if you are reading this. we love you very much and can't wait for another adventure!)

It was a short but sweet camping trip.  It is pretty hard to "sleep-in" when sleeping in a tent so we were able to watch a beautiful sunrise. I'm so glad that was the case because we got to watch the most beautiful sun rise.

We had such a wonderful time with our sweet friends and sadly left that morning, but only to go on our next adventure....

Waco, TX

To be continued next week! :)

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