Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Backpacking & The Amazing Race.

Day Two of Blogtember with Story of My Life! If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

Well, I didn't participate in Day One of Blogtember, but I think that is besides the point. Sometimes I need a prompt to get my brain flowing and I'm wanting to write more in this little space of mine so I'm going to try and participate in a few of these this month along with whatever else is on my heart. At some point this month we may be internetless as we may be staying in a ticuna tribe with our ministry partner. 

As I sit here and listen to the indigenous indian strumming the strings of a guitar and singing the words on his heart, in his native language, I can't really picture myself wanting to be anywhere else.  If I would've been asked this question 6 months ago, I would've been wishing and praying for the moment that I'm getting to enjoy right now. 

However, I do have some things on my wish list that may or may not ever happen.
One being, I want to go on a backpacking trip SO bad and I would take the time of 3 months to do so. Wether to experience more of South America, Europe, Asia, Africa. I don't mind...I just want to experience the cultures of this world. ;) I've even gone as far as researching "around the world" flights. ha! Some of the places I would like to go include Malaysia, Ghana, Fiji, & the coastal parts of Colombia. Most places that I want to visit, involve a beach. 

view of the beach in Mexico from our honeymoon, take me back.

The most amazing backpacking experience I could think of would be to go on the Amazing Race. 
It would be a dream to experience those places with Kendall. Not to mention, I'm a competitor. I love the adrenaline rush from competing, which is probably why I love running.
 Thankfully, that competitiveness stays in the realm of games.
 Traveling and a fun, challenging competition? Yes, Please. 
On that note, maybe Kendall and I should get to work on our Amazing Race application for next season. ;) 

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