Friday, September 6, 2013

Fear in the Amazon

Linking up with Blogtember Day 4 today. :)

Today's prompt is a time you were very afraid. I have been meaning to write about this event, so it seems like it is the perfect time to do so. I'm not afraid very often, but this one is definitely the most recent.

It was a hot, July afternoon and the smell of rain was faint but not falling We had just finished cleaning up after a delicious lunch of pineapple chicken quesadillas and we were winding down for our siesta time, my favorite part of Latin American culture! I was sitting on the couch of our living room and was starting to doze off when I started hearing doors shut slam shut. That is when I became aware of a how loud the wind was, I thought it was odd but there is usually a huge gust of wind that comes before it rains.

 I stood up, looked out the window and the shingles were crumbling from our roof. I immediately ran down the hallway to the back of the house where I knew my friend Dani was outside reading on the hammock. The noise continued to get louder and the moment Dani screamed "BREEEE!!!", that's when I started to feel a bit of panic. I just knew we needed to find shelter and take cover because surely the house was about to fall on top of us!

 Our dog pepper was terrified and ran out of the gate as soon as we walked outside.
I had to chase her a couple block and carry her home. 

My husband seemed to come out of nowhere and was already trying to open the door to where Dani was  but it was almost like it was vacuumed shut and the door cannot be opened from the outside once it shuts. It took both of us to get the door open and as soon as Dani stepped inside I looked behind her, only to see more of the roof crumbling to the ground. And then, it stopped. Complete silence and it seemed like nothing had happened, all of this happened in a matter of seconds but it felt like minutes. We walked into the kitchen to see one of our indigenous students and Dani's friend Megan hiding under the kitchen table. That part made us laugh.

Backyard where Dani was.

We all walked outside to see the damage to the rest of the neighborhood because at the point we figured it might've been a tornado and there was probably a lot of damage. Everyone in our neighborhood was outside, including people at the clinic down the street. Something was odd thoug
h, everyone was only staring at us and our house. At that point, I realized I was shaking and I bent over with my hands on my knees, out of breath. We started asking people what happened and the construction workers across the street said that a tornado had come down, barely touched the top of our house and then went back up in the sky. While I had been absolutely terrified, I couldn't help but laugh and that's what we did, we all just laughed. We just couldn't believe what had happened.

Something you should be aware of is that Amazon's doesn't really have tornadoes. They can happen, but they are SUPER rare. It the rare time it happened, only our house was affected. Honestly, it felt more spiritual than anything, I just don't really know how describe it. Coincidentally (or not), that morning I had just finished reading a book over Psalm 91. It is about God's protection and living under the protection of His wings and how we don't have to be afraid of the arrow that comes by day or the terror that comes at night.

OH, I should also mention that Kendall's brand new motorcycle was sitting just under where the shingles were falling and didn't have a scratch on it. Thankful for a go-getter-organization- president and helpful neighbors. We had a new roof by the next day. :)

Are you participating in blogtember? If you are, let me know. I would love to follow along. :)
If not, when is a time you have been afraid?


  1. wow that is CRAZY!

  2. wow, what an amazing story! I was reading psalm 27 this morning and it rings true with God protecting us and being our shelter. I'm so glad you guys are ok and that there was no permanent damage to your house (or motorcycle!). Certainly a testimony of God's power & faithfulness in the Amazon!


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