Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Colorado Adventure.

This past January Kendall and I got to start off the New Year with an exciting adventure to Colorado Springs, CO! It was such a blessing that this trip all worked out. You know that feeling you get when an idea comes about and deep down you know it will actually happen even though it seems unlikely? That was me with this trip. We first brought it up when our friends Jace & Leslie, who currently live there, while they were in town visiting for the holidays. I was just dying to see snow and enjoy the mountains!
 They had driven the lengthy trip (about 18 hours) to Texas, so we thought we'd be able to ride back to CO with them, all we needed to do was find a way home. After a couple days of searching for a flight, we finally found a one way flight for $36, yes thirty. six. dollars. 

That's how we ended up in one of the most beautiful places I've seen with some of the most wonderful people I know & love.

Unfortunately, Kendall got altitude sickness so we weren't able to do all that we wanted to do. However, just being in the sweet company of our friends who we've hardly been able to see in the past few years due to distance was just what I needed. It was such a blessing to spend time with them (including their sweet baby on the way!) and enjoy endless conversations together on an 18 hour drive.
Jace, Leslie, Elly, & Baby P, we love you guys and thank you so much for hosting us for a few days.

Now to pictures..

Garden of the Gods

Game night with new friends, I quite enjoyed the game Settlers of Catan.

Just looking at this picture, I can tell how bad Kendall was feeling. :(

 Sorry for all the cheesy pictures of us, buuuut Colorado made me fall in love with my Mountain Man.

 One of the neatest places I have ever been to. If you ever find yourself in Colorado Springs, make sure you bring yourself here. It is a brewery, coffee shop, deli, restaurant, and bakery in an old elementary school.

My latte art from my delicious Cappuccino. :)

Saying goodbye to our sweet friends. It is a very real possibility that next time we see each other we will each be holding little babies in our arms. Eek!


  1. Chastyti EllsworthMarch 6, 2014 at 11:59 PM

    Tyler got altitude sickness the first time we went to visit my parents (who live in CO Springs), its not fun at all. Im glad you guys had such a great time, it's such a beautiful place :-)

  2. Aww we love you guys and are so happy y'all came!!! To mountains, beautiful husbands, and future babies!!!

  3. AWW!!! I wanna go to CO so bad!!! Looks amazing


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