Wednesday, September 10, 2014


These moments are ones I will miss greatly.
I am excited to finally meet this little one whose been growing inside of me since January.
However, I have so enjoyed this honor of growing my boy and I know I will miss it.
I love laying on the couch as the morning sun comes through the windows.
I notice my belly has gotten a little bigger and my sweet boy's kicks get a little stronger. I can feel his little feet sticking out and I gently poke them back in, only to have him kick me back. Each kick is a reminder to say "thank you, thank you for this gift". I hold my belly and pray over this little soul. I pray he has a gentle spirit, a kind heart, and loves passionately.

Right now, it's just him and I. I will treasure these last few days/weeks of having him all to myself. I am not looking forward to how fast he will grow but I look forward to the journey. I am already so in love.

Little E, I often tell your daddy these words and I am so honored to share them with you now too dear, I love you..never forget..I always will.

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