Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ezra's Birth Story- Part One

Goodness. Where do I even begin? I didn't do a great job of documenting my pregnancy, but that's okay. :) In short, I really enjoyed my pregnancy. It was relatively easy up until the last two weeks or so of waiting for my little guy to get here...those days dragged on. I never had any morning sickness or any other pregnancy ailments besides a hurting back and hips towards the end. I didn't even really become a hormonal pregnant woman until the last week because "i was so done." haha. I only cried a few tears.
I honestly have to say I loved being pregnant...the clear face and thick hair were a huge plus too. ;) Ugh, the acne is already returning. I ate relatively healthy, about 70/30, and exercised throughout my pregnancy. I feel like both of those things helped my pregnancy, labor, and recovery go smoothly.

The difficult part has been accepting the weight gain and stretch marks but I'm slowly on my way to to being okay with all of that too. The fact that my body was able to grow a human leaves me in awe and makes those things seem so small and insignificant. I'm not sure why everything went so smoothly for me but I can only thank God that it was that was an answered prayer. Before our little Ezra was even thought of we prayed together and gave over everything that has to do with creating a baby to the Lord. We said we would trust in his timing and not our own and that we would choose joy in whatever was given to us. We continued to say the same prayer throughout my pregnancy, labor, delivery, and now raising our little E. We know this sweet child is a gift and we feel so blessed.

We knew before we even thought about having kids that we wanted to have a birth outside of a hospital and we wanted to try for a water birth. We had friends that had previously delivered at the Bay Area Birth Center with midwives (though i thought they were crazy when I first heard they did this especially since the drive is an hour and half from where we live) and had heard nothing but good things. So, as soon as I got that positive pregnancy test we were calling the center for a tour. Our search for a birth center and midwife ended there...we knew that's where we would deliver our baby. We even lucked out as we learned they came locally once to twice a month for appointments so we didn't even have to make the hour and half drive but 3 times. They were super supportive of my active lifestyle and encouraged me to keep on running...I ran two half marathons in my first trimester. They also allowed me to return to Colombia/Brazil during my second trimester. There was a group time at my local appointments where I was able to meet other mothers who were expecting and ask questions. I really enjoyed it.

About a month before my due date, I started having some pre labor signs. I chalk a lot of those symptoms up to a crazy couple weeks, which include planning my little sisters wedding in 3 weeks and loving on my new niece as much as possible. I had some strong nesting instincts kick in once the wedding was all said and done. Our house was cleaned and organized from top to bottom. Our birth bag was packed weeks before Ezra actually got here and the car seat was installed. I had freezer meals prepped. The nursery was finally completed and all that was left to do was wait, sip on my raspberry leaf tea, nap, let kendall massage my feet...and wait. ;) My midwife was even convinced that I wouldn't make it to October. While those braxton hicks and cramping seemed like a tease, I'm glad I had them now because I know they helped prepare my body for labor.

The days leading up to my due date, I finally decided to just relax and do whatever I could to not stress about when the baby would come. I took nightly baths, I got my hair done and my mom treated to me to a manicure and pedicure..I could've stayed in the massage chair for hours and I did. I regretted it (only a little) later because I ended up being pretty sore.

I couldn't believe October 1st FINALLY arrived and my little boy was still snug as could be in my womb...I was going to get my October baby. I posted this on my Facebook: "The month I have waited for all year has finally arrived!!  Now to guess which day our October baby will finally arrive?" We had many good guesses on the status too. ;) At  this point, I was convinced he was going to come on October 8, especially since it was the next blood moon and the feast of tabernacles. We thought that would've been a neat day for him to be born since the Feast is talked about in the book of Ezra.

 I went about my day as usual but still had some errands that I needed to get done before he got here. I sent off the thank you notes from the shower and my last errand was to go to the bank. The teller asked me how much longer I had left and I told her "this is literally my last errand to run and then he is more than welcome to come." After leaving the bank, I decided to take some last moments of "me" time and treated myself to Starbucks. I ended up running into a friend who is also expecting and we chatted about pregnancy life and preparing for labor. It was a very sweet conversation. Looking back, I realized I was having some contractions but wasn't feeling them. I left Starbucks and was convinced I was going to walk this baby out everyday until he finally decided to come. My mom and I went for a walk and I mentioned to her "you know, I've always wanted to be one of those people that says I ran a mile the day my child was born." and with that said I took off for a jog. Now, I didn't run a mile straight but I did jog/walk about a mile and half and I felt great! 

That evening Kendall and I went to bed around 9 but as I was laying there my back and hips were feeling a bit sore so I decided to get in the tub which I normally did when my back was hurting. 
I sat in the tub, watched some tv shows on my iPad, and ate some chocolate. ;) At one point, Ezra was moving around like crazy so I thought to myself I am going to take some time and enjoy this because he could be here any day now. I spent about 15 minutes with my hand on my belly soaking up each kick and movement and praying for my little guy. I finally got back in bed around 11 and still couldn't sleep so I watched some sweet videos of my niece that we had taken of her on our walk. After watching the videos I clicked my phone off, laid it down on the night stand, and shut my eyes. 
I'm not even exaggerating that about two seconds after closing my eyes, I felt a pop and I knew that labor was coming.

I quickly threw off the covers and exclaimed "Kendall!! My water just broke!" 

To Be Continued. :) 

Maternity Pictures by Bree Elle Photography

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