Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ezra's Birth Story - Part Two

Disclaimer: Now we are getting into the heavy parts of what labor and delivery consist of. If you get a bit squeamish, you'll probably not want to read though I will try to keep it as clean as possible. There are also pictures of my labor and delivery but they are in good taste. Just be prepared. I am writing his birth story for me, so I don't forget even the small details. I am sharing it publicly because I also think our labor experience can be encouraging to other women as it is a very positive story. I also want to say that while I chose the Midwife/Birth Center/Natural path with labor and delivery that I am not against any other way a woman chooses to have her baby....just get that child into the world safely and the way you are comfortable with. For me, this is what I was most comfortable with and at peace about for my family.

Part Two is long, so if you took the time to read all of this, THANKS! If you haven't, make sure you read Part One.

October 1, 2014- 11:15 pm:
I ran to the bathroom and Kendall came chasing after me. Kendall replied with "Bree, are you sure you just didn't go to the bathroom on yourself? There's only a tiny little drop in the bed."

I held my underwear up to him which were soaked and told him I was very sure it was my water as I was still leaking. He asked me to put it away and was quickly grossed out. I didn't understand why he was so grossed out about was just "water". I knew if he couldn't handle this that surely he was going to pass out in labor. Come to find out later, Kendall didn't have his glasses on and he thought my underwear was something that had come out of me. It still makes me laugh. I don't know what he thought it was, but it grossed him out. He also took his glasses off when I was delivering Ezra because he didn't want to even accidentally see. ;)

Before I could really get a grasp on what is going on, I literally started to shake because I was so excited. I tried to calm myself down and start focusing on calming my breathing. I had been anticipating labor and was excited about it, I wasn't fearful. I had faith that we would have a smooth and quick delivery. I also knew that with my water breaking that I would meet my son soon, as it kind of puts you on a time clock. I had prayed that we would have a definite sign of when to head to the birth center so my water breaking definitely gave us that sign.

I could hardly get my fingers to work to call the on-call midwife to tell them that my water had broke.
At this point, I was still not having contractions so she told me to go back to bed and wait until contractions started. Kendall was not having that, so he got us in the car no more than 10 minutes after my water broke. He called our moms while I was on the phone and they quickly got on the road as well. We decided we would just find a hotel close to the birth center and labor there until things really picked up but at least we would be close. In our rush to get out the door we realized we forgot the camera, our snacks, and our oil diffuser so we sent my dad back to our house to get them.

During the drive I started feeling contractions but I was still happily texting our friends and family that I was in labor and asking for their thoughts & prayers. ;) The contractions weren't painful but just felt like strong period cramps. I could breathe and talk through them just fine but they were starting to come fast. About half way through the drive they were already about 3-5 minutes apart and lasting for a minute so I decided to call the midwife and tell her we were on the road and going to find a hotel. Around 1:15 am we got to a hotel that was close to the birth center but the prices were ridiculous. At that point we figured things were happening pretty quickly so I called and told my midwife we were about 45 minutes away.

 I was having terrible heartburn and there was an IHOP close to us so I decided to go there and get a chocolate milk as that always helped calm it down. At this point, contractions were picking up and because Ezra was super low (though i didn't know it at the time), I had to pee nearly every contraction. I spent the majority of our time at IHOP in the restroom but I did drink a hot chocolate and yes it helped my heartburn. ;) I ordered food too but by the time it came out I told Kendall and our moms that it was time to go. We needed to get to the birth center because my contractions were getting stronger and coming closer together. Even though they were getting stronger they were just intensifying but still not really hurting. We arrived to the birth center at 2:15 am. My midwife checked me; I was already dilated to a 3 and 90% effaced. She told us that she thought things would go pretty quickly.

Kendall and I settled into the quiet room. We set up our iPad that played the Labor playlist I had set up. (You can find it Spotify). We spent the first hour or so finding positions that were the most comfortable for me. This is kind of where things get hazy for me because of focusing and also because I was rather sleepy.

 Surprisingly, the most comfortable position for me was sitting on the toilet. With a lot of the contractions I would run to the restroom and sit on the toilet until the contraction passed regardless of the need to actually use the restroom. Another favorite way to make it through contractions was slow dancing with Kendall. I would lean on him, shut my eyes, and sway my hips with each contraction. I felt so close to him in those moments and knew we would be welcoming our son into the world soon. He was so encouraging. He would tell me how proud he was of me and that I was doing a great job. He made sure I had what ever I needed to make labor go more smoothly for me. We make a good team and I'm so happy he was by side. He later told me that he was holding back tears the whole time watching me.

I told Aubree to snap a pic while I was still smiling. I believe at this point I was in transition.


I absolutely could NOT handle laying down in the bed; it made my contractions SO much worse so laying in the bed never lasted long. I got in the tub two different times during labor and it was amazing. It took a lot of the pain away and also allowed me to doze off between contractions even though they felt like they were on top of each other. I remember thinking, "why am I dreaming? I am in labor!" Around 4:30 I was feeling super nauseous and eventually threw up so after that all I could think about was how hungry I was. haha. At this point, I got in the tub for the second time. My first midwife, Katie, left around 5 am and two other midwives came to take over, Mona Lisa & Jackie. They were the two midwives I had seen the most during my pregnancy so I was thrilled to see them (Katie was awesome too!) and have them there for Ezra's birth. At some point in here our friend and photographer Aubree Snipes showed up to take pictures. I was so excited that she made it considering I went into labor in the middle of the night...she's amazing. I'm pretty sure our friendship went to a whole new level too. ;)

I know at one point I started having the urge to push but I thought I was making it up so I let about 4-5 contractions go by and finally couldn't stand it any longer. I listened to my body and started giving small pushes per suggestion of my midwife, and the urge began to intensify. Once I started pushing, the contractions didn't hurt anymore. The contractions never really hurt, they were just uncomfortable and really intense...I wouldn't say extremely painful, just a little though. I didn't know it, but I was already dilated to a 10 & completely effaced. I remember needing to use the restroom, so I got out of the tub and switched to laboring on the birth stool so that Ezra could move down some more. I really started to push harder but he still was not crowning and we needed him too. The midwives checked his heart rate with each contraction and told me that I needed to put on oxygen. I remember at one point looking down at the doppler and saw his heart rate dropping from 105 to 95. I wasn't panicked or anything but I knew that should not be happening. Jackie told me that his cord was wrapped around his neck and it was getting tighter the more he moved down so I needed to really push or they would have to figure something else out. I didn't know what that something else was but I knew I did not want to be transferred to the hospital so I finally woke myself up enough to really focus on pushing. They moved me to the bed and that's when things really picked up. He FINALLY started crowning. The midwives told me that I could feel his head, so I did, and that gave me all the motivation I needed to really get him out. I don't know how many times I pushed after that but it wasn't many. I didn't feel any pain when delivering him, just lots of intense pressure. I didn't even realize I delivered him until they put him on my chest at 7:04 a.m.. The midwives warned us that he might be limp but I didn't notice if he was; I was so in love! It seemed like it took for.ever. for him to cry but it was maybe 20 seconds...I'm not sure. He started to nurse pretty immediately and all the other things that happen post baby, like delivering the placenta, is a jaded memory.

I do vaguely remember telling Kendall, "that wasn't bad at all!!" and then my body started shaking for the huge rush of adrenaline I had which worried him some but I kept swearing I was fine.
I had the same kind of high I have after running a half marathon. I looked over at Kendall and he had the same look on his face that he had when I was telling him our vows on our wedding day. That's only the second time I've seen him cry joyful tears like that (goodness, I'm tearing up now writing this.) The whole experience was absolutely incredible and may actually take me a while to put my emotions in that moment into words. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

My parents and Kendall's mom came in to see him about 30 min after Ezra was born. We did delayed cord clamping and didn't cut the cord for about an hour so Ezra and I got to bond for a while until anyone else was able to hold him.

Kendall didn't want to cut the cord, so we let my dad do the honors.

These pictures of Kendall holding Ezra for the first time bring tears to my eyes. He is glowing...such a proud daddy.

Our first pictures as a family. Ezra had a major cone head but I'm so happy to say it is normal now. ;)

Ezra weighed in at 6 pounds 8 ounces and measured 20 in. long.


Kendall and I rested a litte bit before we got ready to go home. Well, kendall passed out and I was still on a high from giving birth...I did pass out after eating all of the snacks we brought and breakfast from starbucks.

From the time my water broke to the time Ezra was delivered was about 8 hours. I was in hard/active labor for about 2 1/2 hours and actively pushed for about 40 minutes. We got to the birth center at 2:30 am and we were back home by 2:30pm.

If you stuck around to the end, Thank you!
I plan to write a little follow up post too, in which i'll talk about the awesomeness of our birth center, midwives, how we prepared for birth, and other things. ;)


  1. Good grief! I'm so proud of you. You are so amazing! And love your little family!

  2. Beautifully written! I had tears in my eyes! Welcome to the world Ezra. x

  3. I choked up multiple times, and tears even followed once. This is such a beautiful, and remarkably inspiring story; thank you for sharing. You did well, Mama!


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