Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Be Brave Enough to Begin

Be brave enough to begin.

A phrase that has ran through my mind numerous times the past couple weeks or so. I am not really sure what is "beginning" but I know a new season is here. The warmer weather and blooming flowers prove it. It's amazing how spring makes me feel refreshed after a cold, dreary winter. Becoming a mom has put dreams of mine on hold. Some are little, some are big, but I want to start pursuing them. My son does not hold me back, it is my own self and fear that does. If anything, my son & and husband propel me forward. I want to brave enough to begin even in the small things and even in the big things. The first step is everything.

Kendall and I were having a date one evening. It was actually the first one we had since our son came into our life. Our days had been consumed with learning this new life of parenthood we had began. Our seasons of life were happening and transitioning so fast with no real time to sit and just talk. We went from a life living overseas straight back into living stateside to having a baby with not much time to process it all. Honestly, I still haven't had time to process it. This one particular night though Kendall stopped to ask me, "what do YOU want? Where do YOU see us? What is your dream?" questions a long those lines. I am thankful for a husband that cares to ask me those questions and wants to encourage me to pursue those dreams. If he didn't ask me those questions I probably wouldn't ask them myself. 

Kendall has finally made me realize that I don't have to have that dream be perfect and in order when I start it. I can let it evolve with me as I grow and change but the most important thing is that I start. I discussed with him that I wanted to start blogging again. I feel like I have something to share even if it is small and maybe only one person actually reads it. I had it in my mind that I needed to start over...different web address, different hosting site, different name, a focus, etc. If those things eventually happen, fine. If not, fine. I think those were just reasons to put off something because I was 1) too lazy to put the effort in & 2) fear. We'll see where this goes but I hope I can make an effort to blog here more and I'm excited to see where this blog takes me again. I want to write about the things i'm passionate about....Birth, motherhood, faith, fitness, nutrition, living on a budge, home remodel, raising a son, being a working mom. There's so many! I can't put myself in a box. ;) Oh and as silly as it sounds I finally realized that I can't just stand by waiting for those dreams to come to fruitaion, I have to actively pursue them!

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