Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Finding Adventure in My Backyard: Hometown Glory

Summer time used to take on a whole new meaning when I was in school. No responsibilities, no school, maybe a little summer job, but I still looked forward to the adventures. Spontaneity was a must but the calendar would quickly fill up with camps and trips. I knew fun, relaxing times were just on the horizon and the the responsibilities and burdens of the school year would quickly be over. I always had this feeling of freedom and adventure swelling up in my spirit...I still get that feeling when I sense summer's approach. Le sigh. I was quickly snapped out of my wishful thinking into reality when I realized, yet again, that my reality is much different.

Nothing really changes now. Jobs are still to be attended to, now a baby who requires my care everyday, a home to be kept, no temporary relief from the responsibilities of every day life even for just a short time. It is silly but it made me sad, a little bitter, and jealous when I overheard what other people were doing with their summer plans of far away adventures. It's sad how quickly the enemy can work to make you feel discontent so I'm choosing not to let him and instead I'm choosing to find joy in my everyday life.

I've always been the adventure type of gal. I'd pick a trip over a fancy dress & jewels any day of the week. I always day dream of far way places but this summer I want to be present where instead of focusing on what could be, I want to enjoy what is. Just because I don't technically get summer doesn't mean I can't take full advantage of the longer days. I'll probably still secretly hope that a fun little excursion will come my way but I fully intend to discover the adventure right where I am

As the days turn warmer I have begun a list of things that I can do in my very own backyard. Instead of seeing my little town as "boring & lifeless" I believe it is up to me to go out there and find the fun and beauty of it. I am sure if I look hard enough that my little town will come to life right before my eyes. I have a child now and  I love to watch him explore and experience the world so what difference does it make to him if we are 1,000 miles away or right in our backyard? I plan to have some fun this summer and seek out the adventure that awaits us.

Here's what I hope is just the beginning of my 
Hometown Glory list:

Brunch at the Wheelhouse
Burgers at Sneaky Pete's
Day Trip to the Beach
Pizza outside at Crowne Pizza
SRS Monday night runs
Blueberry Picking
Host an If: Table event
Go on a photo taking adventure
Lunch dates with Friends
Date night at Suga's

And while it isn't my hometown..Hopefully a weekend trip to Austin & Dallas to visit friends. Sidetone: I think I might be a foodie. ;) 

Have you struggled with letting go of the Summers of your youth or am I the only one? Will you plan some hometown glory adventures into your summer? 

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