Our Tribe

Hi! We are the Johnson's.
We are so glad you've stumbled across our little piece of internet.
Our heart is that you leave here with a passion to love the nations, as it is ours and it is our Father's.

Since we can remember Kendall and I, together, have had a desire to see all people glorify our Father in heaven. We have laid down our lives to allow God to work this vision through us. We have never known when or how God would call us to take this vision to foreign nations, but recently, he has now opened that door for us.

We have been given the opportunity to serve the Kingdom in the Amazon Jungle. We have joined Amazon Xpeditions to serve alongside them as they begin a project to train and disciple indigenous, unreached people groups of the Amazon. We are working on building dorms, classrooms, and an auditorium to house and train these people. The tribal people of this part of the Amazon have been leaving the jungle to receive education and jobs but are rejected because of where they come from.

It is our heart to bring them love, for this is where change comes. Although God has called us to serve His Kingdom in the Amazon, we are to be love wherever we are. We have seen God do amazing things in America and cannot wait to see what He does with the rest of our lives.

We hope you follow along with our journey as it unfolds in the Amazon and our little tribe grows. I promise to be nothing short of honest and open with our lives. I don't want this blog to be a facade of our lives, but rather just raw, natural, joyful living. Which means if I don't post often, I'm just out living.

And while we are neatly dressed and put together in the first picture, our life looks a little bit more like this and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Behind the name of our blog:

Revelation 22: 2 says:

"...The leaves of the trees were for the healing of the nations."
Kendall and I began our marriage underneath an oak tree.
I think they are beautiful, majestic, and powerful. I love the imagery they hold.
I love that their roots are planted deep and they produce fruit.

In a way, I feel like we are the leaves of a tree bringing healing to the nations.
The Lord is using us to bring the nations back to the one who created them.

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  1. THIS is amazing! My heart just leapt in excitement!!! Thank you for introducing yourself on my blog...LOVE THIS! love Katie


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